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Is a Drill Press a Worthwhile Investment?

Last Updated: 13.07.20


If you have your own small shop where you like fiddling with woodworking projects, you most probably have a bunch of tools that help you with processing wood pieces. A drill press is quite a common piece of equipment for woodworkers, yet not everyone has it in their shop. What could be the reason? Is a drill press worth investing in it? How useful is such a piece of equipment? Such questions are totally legit and you should consider a few things before deciding it is the right time to reach for your wallet and get yourself a drill press.

1.Drill press

Useful for any DIY process involving drilling

A drill press is, as its name indicates, for drilling. Any time you need to drill a hole, you should be reaching for your drill press. Isn’t a hand drill enough? If your projects are extremely simple, and you do not have to drill a lot of holes, or you don’t care whether the holes are even or not, the answer to this question is probably ‘yes’. However, even for small projects, you will find a drill press to be very handy, since it helps you obtain even results. The holes you will obtain will be evenly spaced out, they will have the same width and depth, and overall your entire finished product will look much better.

You may be still thinking about whether the investment is worth or not, but a simple answer would be that any time you need to drill holes for your project, you will discover that the drill press is the most convenient tool you can have at your disposal.


Accurate hole placement

When you have to work with wood, accuracy is something that is not so easily acquired. If you work with a drill press, you will be able to keep the piece of wood in place by clamps or other devices and work perpendicularly on it. This means that you will obtain a more accurate hole placement, which is quite nice, seeing that this is not something even more seasoned woodworkers can obtain by hand.


Speed is superior

Imagine that you have a lot of holes to drill, but you need to choose between a hand press and a drill press. Which one would you choose? Drilling holes is not exactly easy, and you will get tired while of it, if you need to make use of the force you have in your arms. A drill press saves you all the trouble. First, it is much faster, and second, you will not have to subject your muscles to such a strenuous activity.

2. Drill press


When working with wood on a regular basis, it is important to have control. Drill presses are adjustable and they offer the user several speed settings and other options, so they can drill the holes they need, exactly how they need. Control is not something easily offered by other drilling tools, so this, again, is something you should keep in mind when you are thinking about getting a drill press.