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If You Like Working with Wood, You Need a Drill Press. Here Is Why!

Last Updated: 02.12.20


When working with you, one of the most common tasks you need to perform is to drill holes. You can use different tools for this purpose, but not all perform the same. Hand drills for instance, may be convenient, but they are not very accurate. Drill presses, on the other hand, while a bit bulkier, are a great choice because they help you drill holes fast, easy and with great accuracy. If you have been thinking about getting a drill press, but you needed more reasons to tip the balance in favor of making this purchase, here are some important ones.

1. Drill press working with wood

Accurate holes

This is something very important for any DIY project. If you drill your holes by hand, unless you are an extremely skillful woodworker, you will feel hard pressed to obtain even holes, drilled at the same depth, width and so on. With the help of a drill press, things become much easier. Accuracy is the main reason why woodworkers want to get a drill press, so it does not hurt to consider this reason.


Fast and mistake free

Working with wood by hand usually requires quite a lot of finesse and you will find that avoiding mistakes is not that easy. If you choose to work with a drill press, you will not have to worry about such things. The drill press will work fast, and there will be no mistakes, since the process of drilling is fully automatic.


Save your energy

If you have ever drilled holes by hand, you know pretty well how taxing this type of work can be. Keep in mind that drill presses come equipped with powerful motors, which means that they can do much more than you, without requiring extra effort from your part. Especially when you are involved in a larger project, it serves to have the right tools and save your energy for the long run.


Angled holes

When you have to drill holes, there can be different situations that are more challenging than usual. For instance, drilling angled holes is quite a difficult process, if you intend to tackle it by hand. If you are using a drill press, this becomes much easier. Also, when you have to drill holes in tougher wood, or in narrower pieces, like furniture legs, a drill press will do the job without any problems.

2. Drill press working with wood

Useful features

If you go for a good and reliable drill press, do not forget to take a look at all its useful extra features. For instance, there are drill presses that allow you to attach other tools to them, such as a spindle sander. Basically, your drill press will help you with a wide range of tasks in your woodworking, so you can obtain the best results each and every time.


Safety first

When you work with a drill press, you can rest assured that your safety is paramount for the manufacturer of the said tool. You can safely work on your projects, without fear that you will break the bits or the wood piece will slip when secured to the table by special clamps or vices.