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How to Get Gorilla Glue off Your Skin | A Complete How-To Guide

Last Updated: 12.04.21


If you’ve ever tried to repair a cracked vase or other such items, you’ve most probably resorted to Gorilla Glue. Just like a chainsaw helmet is an essential piece of equipment when working on any forestry-type project, you need the right equipment and lots of attention when working with Gorilla Glue. 

What makes this type of glue so popular is that it can be used to glue a variety of items featuring different materials, and it dries fast and creates a strong bond. This is great when the two pieces you want to glue together are two parts of an object. When such glue gets on your skin, though, things get a bit complicated since removing it might not be the easiest thing to do. 

However, if you take action as soon as the glue gets on your hands and follow a few simple steps, getting Gorilla Glue off your hands is not impossible. To help you solve such issues rapidly and properly, we have described below how to remove Gorilla Glue from skin safely, what makes it dangerous on your skin, and what dissolves Gorilla Glue. 


Why is Gorilla Glue dangerous when on your skin?

As we’ve said above, Gorilla Glue is used to fix problematic bonding issues and repair cracks. It has very adhesive characteristics, and it is known for drying fast, which is great when trying to repair various cracked items but not so great when the glue ends up on your skin. 

This is also one of the things that make Gorilla Glue dangerous when it reaches your skin. If you don’t remove the Gorilla Glue immediately and it dries, getting it off your skin can become really painful. Plus, this type of glue is made to get deep into the surface it touches, which makes it even more dangerous for the skin. 

If you don’t know how to get Gorilla Glue off your fingers, and then the blot of glue that reached your skin dries, removing it gets even harder. However, there are a few simple methods you can employ should this unpleasant event occur. Knowing how to get Gorilla Glue off your skin beforehand will help you remove it as soon as the glue gets on your hand and do so properly.


How to remove Gorilla Glue from your skin

Mishaps occur all the time, and finding your fingers stained with Gorilla Glue when working on a project that involves the use of such glue or trying to fix a cracked item with it is more common than many of us might think. 

Removing Gorilla Glue off your skin successfully involves a few simple yet essential steps. First of all, removing it as soon as it gets on your skin is as important as using the right tools and solutions. This type of glue dries fast, and from the moment it reaches your skin until it is dry, you have a minute or so to intervene. If you try to remove it a bit later than that, it is likely too late to see any immediate results.


Try to exfoliate using a pumice stone

One of the most common methods employed in such cases involves using a pumice stone, a knife-sharpening stone, or similar materials. Get one of these items and scrub the area affected by the glue but do so gently. 

In order to avoid tearing or further damaging the skin, make sure you use slow motions. It is best to use this method for a bit and then use your fingers to rub the skin as you can thus prevent any burns caused by friction. Alternate these two methods.

The use of exfoliating beauty products or sea salts is also said to help remove Gorilla Glue off your skin. Such abrasives exfoliate the skin and thus the dried glue. 


Scrub the affected area with a homemade mixture

In case the first method doesn’t get you the desired results, you can also try scrubbing the skin with the following homemade mixture. This solution is often used by those who work with the bonding ingredient used to make Gorilla Glue. 

Mix 5% to 10% of washing soda with up to 2% of liquid detergent and then add 80% or so of water. Apply this mixture to the area that has been affected by glue and scrub gently until it is completely gone. To boost the efficacy of this method, it is also recommended to immerse the glued skin in warm water. This will help soften the adhesive layer. 


Apply an oil-based mixture

Another method you can try when Gorilla Glue gets on your skin involves the use of oil-based products. You can try using sunflower or olive oil, baby oil, or a hand lotion as all of them are gentle on the skin. 

Other similar products that are said to work when trying to remove this type of glue from your skin include argan oil, lip balms, or oil-based makeup removers. 

When it comes to higher efficiency, a Polyglycol body lotion holds a top place among the products you can use to get this glue off your skin. It is best for the product you use to be warm in order to soften the dried glue or mixed with a bit of salt for friction.


Wash with dishwashing or hand soap


One easy way to get Gorilla Glue off your skin is to wash the affected area with a dishwashing or hand soap. The components in such products can dissolve Gorilla Glue and prevent it from hardening, which will help you remove it more easily. 

Simply wash the glued area with the soap of choice and then rinse. Repeat this process until the glue is removed. However, don’t overdo it if it feels like it hurts your skin.


Wash with lemon or citrus-based detergents 

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned products at hand, or they don’t work, you can also try rubbing the affected area with a slice of lemon/lime or any citrus-based cleaner that is safe for use on the skin. 

However, if the glue has dried or the previous methods you’ve tried have caused cracks in the skin, it is best to avoid using citrus-based products as they can sting. 


Wait for the glue to go off on its own 

In case nothing works or you don’t have the above-mentioned tools and products within reach, rest assured that the glue will come off sooner or later because the skin renews itself regularly, and the glue will thus get off the affected area. 

It is actually highly recommended to wait for the glue to come off by itself as a result of the natural skin replacement process instead of using harsh chemicals or rubbing the glued area too much, given the harmful potential of these latter methods. 


Besides the above-mentioned methods and mixtures, what removes Gorilla Glue from the skin is acetone. This product removes various types of chemicals with minimal risk to the skin. Apply acetone to the glued area for a few minutes. If the glue comes off, rinse with water.

Now that you know how to remove excess Gorilla Glue, it is time to learn more about the don’ts of Gorilla Glue removal methods.


What not to do when trying to remove Gorilla Glue from your skin

We might be tempted to try all sorts of methods just to remove the glue off the skin, but some of them may actually do more harm than good. For example, if your fingers are glued together, the first thing you might tend to do is to try to force them apart. Avoid doing that as you can tear and further damage the skin. 

Instead, it is said that soaking them in acetone helps the fingers come apart as the nail-polish remover softens the glue, which thus makes it easier for the fingers to unglue themselves from each other. 

However, if the area affected by the glue was already damaged, it is best to talk to your doctor as soon as possible and avoid using anything that could make things worse. As we’ve said above, the glue will eventually come off in a few days as the skin renews itself naturally. 


How to get Gorilla Glue off clothes

In case the glue reached your clothes, there are a few methods you can employ to remove it without damaging the stained items. While you might not mind an old T-shirt getting stained, getting glue on something you’ve just purchased or that is still in good condition is certainly not a joy. 

That’s why it is best to wear old garments or items you don’t care too much about whenever working with glue since a mishap can occur when you least expect it. If you do stain your clothes with Gorilla Glue and you’d like to still use those items, it is highly important to take the following steps. 


  1. Let the glue dry naturally and try not to remove it as soon as the glue gets on the fabric since by doing so, you might end up spreading it, and thus the glue can stain a greater area. It is best not to try and dry it with a hairdryer or place the garment near heat as stains can further occur.


  1. Once the glue has dried, put the garment on a flat surface and use your nails to remove the blot. If this method works, you can then wash the item as per usual. You might have to apply a bit of laundry detergent to the previously stained area in case there are some marks left. Rub it in using a brush. If the fabric is delicate or dry-clean only, skip this step. If the first wash doesn’t remove the stain, wash the item again.


  1. If you cannot remove the glue using your nail fingers, you can also apply lemon juice or a nail polish remover containing acetone to the affected area. Mop up the dried glue using a cotton ball with one of the products just mentioned. Do so for 15 minutes or so. If the glue is gone and there are no stains left that require additional cleaning, wash the item in the washing machine. 


If the clothes you’ve stained are dry-clean only, make sure you take them to a professional cleaner in order not to make things worse. Such shops have the cleaning products required to remove such stains safely and completely without damaging the garment.


How to remove Gorilla Glue from various surfaces

When working with this type of glue, it’s not only your skin or garment that can get stained. Glue can reach and damage various other surfaces, including wood, glass, and metal. Here is what to do if the glue reaches other surfaces than your clothes or skin.


  • Removing Gorilla Glue from glass

What makes this a bit complicated is the fact that glass is very gentle, and removing glue or other adhesives from a glass surface should be done with great attention. However, if you soak the stained glass in acetone, the glue should soften and thus come off more easily when wiping it with a cloth. 


  • Removing Gorilla Glue from wood

If Gorilla glass reaches a wooden surface, it is recommended to use a dry cloth to remove any spills before they dry. For Gorilla wood glue, make sure to use a damp towel or cloth to remove it. If needed, add a bit of paint thinner to the cloth to rub away tacky glue spots. 


  • Removing Gorilla Glue from metal

When Gorilla Glue gets on a metal surface, fast intervention is required as if the glue dries, it is quite difficult to remove it without damaging the surface one way or the other. Since it dries in a minute or so, and the glue is water-resistant, there is no time to waste. 

Start by wiping away as much wet glue as possible. If there are any glue traces left, remove them using a chisel or fine grit sandpaper. If needed, remove the remaining residues with acetone, paint thinner, or alcohol.