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Equipment to use while operating a drill press

Last Updated: 26.10.21


A drill press can be a very versatile piece of equipment. It can do so much more than just drill holes. To make the most of your drill press, here are some pieces of equipment you might use while operating a drill press.

1.Equipment to use while


Face Shield/Safety Glasses/Half-Mask Respirator

The drill press will generate plenty of flying particles that could be potential causes of blindness. Do not rely on your regular everyday glasses for protection, as their very construction will not provide enough protection from the small flying particles that come off when you drill into your workpiece. Use suitable and ANSI-certified safety glasses or face shield crown protectors designed for use with your drill press. Severe respiratory illnesses and nasal cancer have been linked to the inhalation of wood dust, making a half-mask respirator a lifesaver when used with safety glasses.


Multi-piece Regular Sanding Drum Set

This kind of equipment can be used not only on your drill press but also a hand drill or a lathe as well. The kit should preferably come with the most widely used drums including ½-inch by ½-inch, ¾-inch by 1-inch, 1-inch by 1-inch, 1 ½ -inch by 1 ½-inch and 2-inch by 1 ½-inch. You can handle nearly any job with this type of gear. The set should come with multiple grit sizes for each drum, including 50, 80 and 120.


Keyless Drill Chuck

Perfect for making bit changes quickly, an industrial-grade keyless chuck typically features exceptional accuracy plus knurled grips for amazing indispensability in your workshop. The keyless drill chuck can be used on a drill press, a milling machine and a lathe tailstock. One with a 1 to ½-inch capacity should be enough.


Drill Press Vise

You will definitely need a drill press vise when using a drill press. Helping protect your fingers from injury or eternal loss, the drill press vise should be of sturdy and solid construction, such as high-grade cast iron, to offer the needed heft, support and stability and ensure that your hands are kept away from the fast-moving cutters and bits.



Whether in gel or spray form, lubricants are recommended for protecting the unpainted steel or cast iron areas in your drill press.


Drill Bits

High quality cobalt alloy drill bits come in multi-piece sets. These kinds of components are able to retain their sharp edges longer compared to regular high speed steel (HSS) bits, so you can save on time and money in your workshop. You want the drill bits to come on a heavy-gauge steel index case for problem-free storage and easy organization.


Drill Press Table

Any drill press comes with a work surface that can support medium-size workpieces. However, if you work with large stock, a drill press table is worth investing in, which ensures that you can secure your workpiece without worrying that it will fall or slide off. Lag bolts are used to secure the unit to the metal base of the drill press for stability. Lock the stock in place using the built-in clamps of the drill press table. The drill press table can also improve drilling precision and the types of holes that can be drilled.



High-quality V-Belts are easily customized in just minutes, ensuring smooth running plus less noise and vibration compared to solid belts. Simply add or remove sections as needed.