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3 drill press accessories that you must have

Last Updated: 01.03.21


So you’ve decided to buy a drill press. Congratulations! If you’re unsure of what should come next, we’ll tell you. Now, you need to start looking for some accessories. We’ve gathered a short list of the three types of accessories that are most handy when it comes to using such a product as is a drill press.

A drill press vise is an excellent help for any user who wants his or her workpiece to sit in the same place while performing the cutting operation. A drill press vise can do wonders when it comes to holding down a stock while drilling at high speed.



Since stability is partly due to the ability of the vise to dampen vibrations, you need to do your part of the research and find out whether or not the accessory you might be eyeing is capable of doing just this. When getting a new vise, you need to consider the purpose you need it for and the type you want to choose.



Drill Press light

The second accessory you might be interested in is a drill press light. It goes without saying that all the tasks you need to perform with your drill press have to be done so that no cuts are missed and no pieces of wood are burnt. If you are aware of the fact that there might be not enough light in the room you’re using as your workspace, it might be a good idea to look for some LED lights.

The main difference between the ones you may generally find on the market today and the items developed for drill presses is that the latter can be attached to the actual unit, thus lighting the exact area where you’re doing the drilling.


Protection accessories

Finally, you should consider some protection accessories such as goggles and face masks. Better safe than sorry, they say, and this isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Pieces of wood might get into the operator’s eyes if he or she is not using a pair of safety goggles and thus they pose a potential threat to the user’s eyesight.

If you’re no fan of cuts and scars in general, you are likely to benefit from using a face mask, even though some say that it isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear. Should you also want to protect your hands, you need to take into account a pair of safety gloves.