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10 Excellent Uses For A Drill Press

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Just like you need a high-quality broom vacuum to clean your home properly, you need a proper drill press machine for your DIY projects. But, while the use of a drill press may look straightforward to you, you should know that there are multiple things you can do with the help of such a machine.

Let’s take a look at the various uses of a drill press. You can get involved in far more DIY projects if you know how many exciting things you can do with such a machine.


For high-speed boring

There are materials of various thicknesses and hardness that are too much of a challenge to handle by using a regular drill. That’s when you need to opt for a drill press. Especially if you need to bore many holes, but without experiencing mishaps such as lack of alignment or inconsistent depth, you will find such a machine to be just up your alley.

By adjusting the speed and the size of the drilling bit, you can bore the holes as precise as you need to be for the project at hand. Should you find positioning a bit of a challenge, you can just opt for a smaller diameter bit to drill in pilot strokes for later reference.




You can use it for tapping

Taps are used for cutting internal threads, and while you may not see how a drill press can help you with that, it is just as accurate that people often use such units for tapping. Let’s say that you dug a hole, and now you need a cross-section.

That’s when the tapping option comes into play. You can perform a starting tap that you can use to start the thread. The other type is a plug tap. That’s used when you must end it, but you also have to cut the thread.


Turn it into a duster

When you work with wood, you will make a lot of mess, but it doesn’t have to be so if you pick the right type of accessory for your drill press. What you must do is find a dusting attachment and hook it up with the tip of the bit.

Some people prefer to have one tool of everything, but that’s hardly a good choice if you have limited space at your disposal. Therefore, just by getting an attachment and using it after your work is done, can be a budget-friendly alternative and yet another excellent use for your drill press.


For executing counterbores

Counterbores are commonly used for making existing holes bigger, so in case you have drilled some pilot holes already, that’s what follows. You can make the holes broader by drilling them deeper or by making the opening bigger, and both operations can be performed with the help of your drill press.

By offering you the possibility to improve your drilling, these counterbores are often considered the secret weapon of expert drillers. So, if that’s something you want to consider, you should not hesitate to try performing some on your own.


Try your drill press for slash drilling

Your drill press can execute some interesting operations, such as slashing. However, to be able to do that, you need some special attachments. The good news is that you can find plenty of such accessories on the market.

With the help of a slashing attachment, your drill press will be able to perform cutting operations, even when you work with thick stock. In case you don’t have a slasher and have no intention to purchase one, this solution can help you out when your project demands the use of such a tool.



Countersinks are a breeze

A drill press is your ideal tool when you have to execute countersinks. These are needed to eliminate the burr areas from your work. With the help of a conical drilling bit, the drill press will start creating a cone-shaped hole. As the orbit increases, you can manipulate the drill press to create perfect countersinks.

Many brands manufacturing drill presses take great pride in the smooth edges their machines can do. Use countersinks when you need to fit things into your stock so that they have flat sides and don’t stand out.


Countersinks and counterbores combined

If you are a perfectionist and you want to make the best out of your drill press, this technique is precisely what you need. A combination of countersinks and counterbores, it will allow you to skip over the necessity to make pilot strokes. Basically, you start drilling. When you use this stroke, you will save time, and the technique is ideal for fast tasks.


Reaming is another thing you can do

For people who are interested in reaming actions, this technique is infallible. What you must do is to choose a drilling pace first. From your toolbox, pick the needle that is the perfect length and design for what you have in mind.

Make a pilot drill first that goes through the stock. Then start reaming, and before you move to the next hole, polish the edges for perfect results.


Screw bolts, or unscrew them; it’s your choice

A drill press can be used in the same manner as a portable drill. That means that you can use it to screw bolts in your stock. In case you must do the opposite, that’s also possible. Any function you find in a regular portable drill exists in a bigger drill press, too. What you will love about this technique is it lets you perform such tasks quickly and efficiently.


Even sanding is possible

The secret here is straightforward. You need to invest in a sandpaper attachment and then put your drill press to work. A sanding machine can be pretty expensive, and maybe you don’t have enough room in your workshop for one, anyway. Just get a sandpaper attachment for your drill press and start sanding. The results will be on par with what you can achieve with a proper sanding machine.