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Worx WX550L Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


Its pivoting head allows the Worx 550L to act as a 2 in 1 tool, both a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw.

It’s also significantly lighter than most other jigsaws on the market, making it easier to use freehand or carry around.

It operates on a 20 V Li-Ion battery (not included) which is interchangeable between all Worx power tools.

The powerful motor can drive the blade at speeds from 0 to 3,000 SPM, and its placement, in line with the transmission gears, ensures an overall smoother operation.

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Known issues


The pivoting head doesn’t allow the blade to tilt on the vertical axis, which means that bevel settings aren’t available.



Main features explained


What sets this Worx model apart from other cordless jigsaws is that its head can tilt to a full 90 degrees, effectively turning it into a reciprocating saw. This feature can prove very useful, as the 2 cutting tools can’t be said to totally overlap in functionality, with the reciprocating saw being the faster and easier to handle when cutting items placed vertically.

To better act as a horizontal saw, the WX550L is also significantly lighter than most other 20 V jigsaws currently available on the market, and it also comes packaged with two separate blades for each function. Besides accepting both a T-Shank and a reciprocating blade, the chuck is keyless, meaning it will require no tool to change between blades.

Due to the pivoting head, this unit doesn’t really allow for a shoe bevel, so you will have to tilt the whole tool for cutting wedge sections, which might not make this item so popular with woodworkers. There are several orbital settings, however, useful for a wide variety of tasks, including applying rounded cut-outs on flat material.

Like most items of its type, this works with steel, various types of wood, copper, aluminum PVC pipes and a whole lot more, and it will finish the job quickly thanks to the high maximum speed of 3,000 SPD it’s 20 V motor can develop.

Speaking of the motor, this is placed in an innovative fashion on the side of the tool, which allows it to rotate simultaneously with the gearing for a smoother transmission. This system also eliminates the possibilities of slippage and misalignment inherent in a drive shaft.


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