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WORX WX176L Review

Last Updated: 02.06.20


Notable features


The rotating head of this machine will quickly allow you to switch between two different bits without leaving your place.

2-speed transmission and a reverse give it good versatility for a whole number of applications.

A brushless motor makes it energy efficient and will increase its overall lifespan.

It’s been reported to be light and easy to use, with a very ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in small hands.

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Known issues


Some owners found that the electronic torque control doesn’t offer enough range to comfortably approach some jobs. Some found its lowest setting too powerful for low-intensity applications like driving a small screw through soft wood while others consider its maximum output wanting for a 20 V model.




Main features explained


The most striking feature of this drill/driver is without a doubt the rotating head. This will allow you to quickly change between two bits, already mounted on their respective chucks by simply shifting the one you need into place.

Needless to say, this will make the operator’s work significantly easier as he can simply fit the machine for two tasks ahead of time and not be interrupted with a trip to the toolbox whenever the bit needs changing.

Another feature of this product that the manufacturer highlights are the 12-positions electronic torque control. This should make driving screws a lot easier since it offers a higher degree of control than a speed switch. However, some customers find it not to work as advertised, in that it offers too narrow a range of its settings.

Speed and torque are further regulated by a 2-speed transmission, which allows it to properly adapt between power-intensive tasks, like driving a screw through hard essence wood, and fast ones, such as boring a hole in any plastic material. There is also a reverse gear, for unfastening applications.

Another interesting feature, especially for the mid-to-low price range the WORX stands at is that it’s powered by a brushless motor. This system is significantly more reliable than the classic one, as it generates less internal friction and heat, making it run cooler, hence increasing its overall lifespan.

It is also around 30-60% more energy efficient than a brushed motor, which is just as well, since a 1.3 Ah Li-Ion battery, like the one this unit comes with, isn’t exactly slow to drain. Users report effectively using this machine for 5 hours straight, with no significant loss of power, so the pairing seems to be fortuitous.

Another thing the customers liked is how it handles, light enough to be used with one hand and highly ergonomic.


Buy from for ($85.58)