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Woodtek 109367 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22

1.Woodtek 109367

Notable features


The Woodtek 109367 is among the most precise and attainable units we’ve come across.

Both amateurs and professional users can benefit from the features of the model as it seems to have been designed with the user in mind.

Right out of the box, the model is easy to setup and install, which means that it won’t advance any technical issues to owners who aren’t yet tech-savvy enough.

The five speed settings available on this alternative makes it possible for individuals to drill through various kinds of materials, as long as they select the correct speed adjustment.

Compared to other models that are available in the same line, the Woodtek 109367 offers a larger worktable, making it thus more comfortable and safe for woodworkers to tend to their tasks.



Known issues


Some of the Amazon buyers who have reviewed the product say that precision machining is out of the question with this alternative, although it is certainly an entirely capable one of individuals who are keen on making jewelry pieces and working on various wood pieces.



Main features explained


  • While the Woodtek 109367 is just a 10” bench top drill press, it is more than fit for a wide array of tasks and activities you may be interested in undertaking. It’s compact and lightweight enough to use in various spots in your workplace and can be carried around easily, regardless of the physical attributes of the person transporting it from one place to the other. In spite of being relatively small compared to other options, the Woodtek 109367 does the job if what you’re looking for is a good option for your decent workbench.

2.Woodtek 109367

  • The Woodtek has a powerful ¼-HP motor that definitely doesn’t disappoint owners when it comes to performance. What’s more, the winning characteristic of this unit is that it allows a lot of room for customization as its five speed settings range from 720 RPM to 3,250 RPM. This detail makes it possible for owners to adjust the speed in accordance with the material they plan to utilize with the drill press. As for the table, it measures six and a half by six and a half inches, which seems to be enough for the vast majority of the individuals who’ve reviewed the Woodtek 109367.


  • Ease of use and setup is another factor to take into account if you plan to do everything by yourself. As such, we couldn’t help noticing that there have been buyers who have reported that, thanks to the straightforward information provided by the manufacturers, they were able to assemble the drill press in as little as fifteen minutes.


  • Yet another reason to consider this option consists of the fact that it is compatible with many drill press accessories. Whether they have been manufactured by Woodtek or not, these extras can take your woodworking and jewelry-making to a whole new level just by simplifying the entire experience. A 14-piece bit set would make a lovely addition to your workshop, allowing you to take advantage of all the features the Woodtek 109367 has to offer.