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Woodpeckers Precision WPDPPACK1 Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20



Notable features


This US-made product features a state-of-the-art design that helps woodworkers drill holes in their work pieces with greater speed, accuracy and repeatability than ever before, making it the best drill press table from Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools.

The pair of double-wide T-Tracks are fastened securely from underneath.

The 3-foot long fence is easy to use.

The Micro-Dot laminate is an exclusive surface feature that reduces friction.

The edges of the table are made durable.

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Known issues


One of the Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools WPDPPACK1 drill press table reviews suggests there should be two or more tracks closer to the stock so the clamps can be more effective for smaller components.



Main features explained


  • Easily the perfect partner for the best drill press on the market, the Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools WPDPPACK1 drill press table measures 16 inches x 23 inches x 1 inch thick. It is geared to attach through slotted steel tables with coarse thread screws, as well as to T-slotted tables using an interface board constructed from separately purchased ¾-inch plywood. Made of superior US quality and craftsmanship, this drill press table comes with easy-to-use fence clamping knobs and flip stops that do not wobble or allow side play to keep the work piece securely held in place.


  • The two double-wide T-tracks are bolted in place and embedded from underneath, a unique fastening system that eliminates the possibility of work piece pullout. Each of the T-tracks is permanently laser engraved with an easy-view, high-contrast scale that ensures clear indication of the fence position. Once the unit is calibrated to the drill press, you don’t have to perform further calibration.


  • The 36-inch long fence optimizes on the same double wide track system to deliver more stop. The fence comes with accessory mounting options that include Flip Stops and basic L-stops, engraved with a center-type scale, with zero in the center. The fence is very easy to use, like the embedded track. It is securely held in place via a pair of enhanced brackets that align mechanically with the mounting tracks. The fence uses a large easy to handle knob, making it effortless to adjust both left and right and front to back, without using any tools.


  • The drill press table is built with a glare-free Micro-Dot laminate surface that boasts a unique texture made of a grid of small circular pockets, which reduce friction to ensure easy positioning of the work piece for precise drilling.


  • The table edges are protected with tough, high-density banding permanently affixed to the medium density fiberboard core. The table is equipped with filler that prevents tear-out, while ensuring easy replacement with any 0.5-inch thick material and pre-cut fillers. The leveling screws underneath the filler adjust the filler piece flat and level with the surrounding table.





Supplied with the necessary hardware and instructions, the Woodpeckers Drill Press Table is a US-made product that delivers reliable functionality and outstanding durability. It is built with two T-tracks that ensure precise drilling for repeatable and fast drilling results every time. The drill press table is easy to use with your favorite drill press. It offers a means of holding your work piece in place while ensuring that you can drill confidently.


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