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WEN 4225 Review

Last Updated: 10.08.20


Notable features


This is the best drill press from WEN because it is a power tool that deserves its category as such. .

The 4-inch stroke increases your versatility and productivity in the workshop.

The digital readout displays the machine’s current RPM.

The adjustability of the table promotes operator efficiency.

This power tool boasts a solid build.

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Known issues


One of the WEN 4225 drill press reviews says the little spring-loaded pin on the end of the chuck key makes it difficult to tighten the chuck, but the component is designed to prevent accidentally leaving the key in the chuck.




Main features explained


  • You will surely love every minute you spend in the workshop by using this best variable speed drill press that is a genuine power tool. It is outfitted with an 8.6-amp motor designed to meet the needs of professional woodworkers and home DIY enthusiasts. At a simple turn of the lever, you can adjust the operating speed. You can also facilitate a quick adjustment of the belt for truly high-capacity RPM. The laser pointer enables drilling of precise holes, for repeatable accuracy. The chuck accommodates bits ranging from 1/12 to 5/8 inches in size.


  • The WEN 15-inch 8.6 Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press boasts a full four inches of stroke capacity, enabling you to bore through materials up to four inches thick. This also ensures greater versatility in the workshop, as you don’t have to limit your drilling repertoire to only the thinnest materials or work pieces. The large spindle travel enables effortless drilling efficiency through particularly thick stock.


  • You can adjust the speed between 280 and 1,000 RPM without worrying that the machine can’t handle the job with adequate power. Or you can opt for even more hole drilling capacity by making a quick belt adjustment to utilize variable speeds varying from 1,000 to 3,300 RPM. You won’t need to constantly check if the drill press is working at your selected speed, as with a simple glance at the digital readout, you always know instantly.


  • Bore holes using the right level of drilling accuracy thanks to the robust 12-inch by 12-inch cast iron table, which bevels up to 45 degrees left and right for angled drilling. No more worrying about the drill bit entering the stock the wrong way even when you have to carry out drilling at a different angle. The table adjusts in height to accommodate various sizes of work pieces. Plus, the unit comes with the necessary drill press accessories to ensure total functionality. The built-in worklight illuminates the work surface. The precision laser eliminates the need to do manual marking on your work piece.


  • The WEN 15-Inch Drill Press is built solidly with a cast iron frame and base that ensure a reliably beefy support system. The strong base and frame ensure stability of the drill press while in operation, effectively preventing skidding and vibration. Drill with confidence without worrying whether the machine can support its own weight, as it definitely can!



Backed by a 2-year warranty, the WEN 15-Inch Drill Press offers years of service plus a reliable functionality that is simply awesome. The large-size chuck holds a variety of bit sizes so you can be more productive and do more types of drilling jobs in the workshop.


Buy from for ($823)