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WEN 4214

Last Updated: 05.06.20





People consider this model the best drill press from WEN thanks to its variable speed capability.

The WEN 4214 is versatile enough to power through a range of materials.

The drill press offers the same torque and power through its entire speed range.

The machine ships with the essential drill press accessories for optimal usage.

The worktable is designed for handling tricky applications.




One of the WEN 4214 variable speed drill press reviews gripes about the spring-loaded pin on the end of the chuck key that prevents the user from leaving the key in the chuck accidentally. For the said user, the component only makes it difficult to tighten the chuck well.

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Main features explained


  • If you want the best variable speed drill press, the WEN 4214 should be on top of your list. This variable drill press is engineered with features that you generally find in industrial-type devices. The bench-top drill press is geared with variable speed that enables you to work in the precise level you need for the specific project. Choose the speed anywhere from 580 to 3,200 rpm, based on what’s suitable for the demands of the application.


  • Built with a laser centering device, the WEN 4214 can drill through a range of materials including metal, wood and others. With its maximum drilling capacity of 5/8 inch in 1-inch thick cast iron, the WEN 4214 boasts mechanical variable speed built to be delivered via its rigid frame of cast iron, with the head, table and base working together to deliver accurate hole drilling. Outfitted with a robust induction motor, the drill press engine comes with ball bearings that ensure long life, with everything coming together to deliver balanced, flawless performance even at high speeds. Make full use of the 5/8-inch chuck that accommodates a variety of bits and is built with onboard chuck key storage.


  • Adjusting the speed is facilitated with a simple movement of a lever while working, which means no belts or pulleys to replace. You get consistent power and torque across the full speed range of this powerhouse tool. The running speed can be viewed via the LED digital display.


  • A versatile and valuable workshop tool, the WEN 4214 is built with a worktable on which the stock is supported. The predrilled holes on the strong, stable base enable mounting onto a work stand or bench. The machine comes with a depth gauge plus a retraction stop and depth stop for repeated hole drilling. The table roller moves and adjusts effortlessly. The fence is perfect for executing versatile applications. The cord is flexible and matches the motor perfectly. The laser enables precision drilling. Red safety glasses also come in the package. The drill press isn’t built with any plastic components other than the switch, handle knobs and LCD or front panel, while everything else is metal.


  • The beveling worktable rotates 45 degrees left and right to enable accurate angled drilling. It is designed with slots to enable mounting of vises and clamps to hold the work piece, for secure placement every time.




The WEN 4214 variable drill press has all the features that distinguish industrial-duty machines but without the hefty price tag and size. The drill press comes with mechanical variable speeds that enable you to drill to precise specifications, even repeatedly. Made of strong cast iron, the machine has a strong and flat base, a versatile rotatable work table, an X-pattern laser that locks onto your drill point, and the capability to drill through a variety of materials.


Buy from for ($267.48)




Owner feedback


For the most part, the Wen 4214 has managed so far to garner a lot of positive reviews from users, and buyers show a high degree of satisfaction in using it. Various aspects make owners praise this tool, as will be proved right away. There are also some minor complaints regarding it, and we’ll address them, as well.


An ideal tool for woodworking

If there is one consensus among owners, it is that the Wen 4214 is a perfect tool for woodworking. No matter what project you want to tackle, as long as it involves working with wood, this drill press is sure to deliver.

One buyer even comments on the fact that the tool is even better than what he needs for regular projects. He further praises the device for its many features and says that the variable speed options truly come in handy.


Great value for the price

Another thing that seems to bring the vast majority of buyers together is the excellent value this drill press offers for the price. Anyone can afford it, which means that everyone can start working with it and create DIY projects without investing a lot of money.

Because it comes with features that you would typically see in more expensive models, owners say that they are more than happy with their purchase because it eliminates the need to spend extra on a costly drill press.

Lots of features

If you read multiple reviews from users, you will notice that a lot of them talk about the plethora of features the drill press comes along with. Besides the variable speed that is essential for most of them, they also like the laser guiding feature.

One reviewer even says that he didn’t expect to like this particular feature that much, but that, like other aspects of the drill press, he was more than pleasantly surprised. The supplied chuck also often appears in the positive reviews left by users.


Not so great for steel

If there is one area where the Wen 4214 doesn’t seem to work that well, that would be drilling holes through steel. It still does a decent job, but don’t expect it to work with thick sheets of steel or anything remotely similar.

However, it must be pointed out that even reviewers who mention this issue say they didn’t purchase the drill press for working with steel, and that they have no problems with settling for woodworking only.


Some small complaints

Some other minor issues should be mentioned about the Wen 4214. For instance, some reviewers say that they struggled with assembling the drill press while others indicate that they didn’t have any problems with putting it together.

Also, there is no spindle lock present, as a commenter indicates. Some other reviewers say that, while they’re pleased with the overall quality of the materials used in the making of this drill press, some components are still made of plastic. That makes them express some doubts about its overall durability.




With some minor mishaps, the Wen 4214 offers excellent value for the price, by being sturdily made, equipped with many useful features, and working great for wood-related projects. (Tip: it’s also a great drill press for knives)