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WEN 4212 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Notable features


Doubtlessly one of the best benchtop drill presses from WEN, the WEN 4212 ensures easy use with its Depth Adjustment Gauge, Mechanical Speed Lever Adjustment and Digital Speed Readout.

This machine is one of the best benchtop drill presses because of its versatility in handling a variety of workshop applications and projects.

This drill press is solidly constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability for long tool life.

If you want precision in a power tool, this model makes a great choice.

You can’t go wrong with the support you’ll get from the various components of this power tool.

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Known issues


One customer has noted that the rack on which the table rack-and-pinion shaft is lowered and raised, is a bit tricky to adjust. However, since the component’s primary function is to enable easy positioning of the table on a vertical axis, it still does its job as designed.

According to another user, the supplied chuck can’t be usable when working on some tight tolerances, as it tends to loosen up on the drill and even runs off the center at times. The customer has decided that the best thing to do is to replace the chuck when users have to hold to tight tolerances on their projects. Otherwise, the ‘wobbly’ chuck is not a huge issue.



Main features explained


  • Having earned some of the best benchtop drill press reviews, this model is equipped with a Depth Adjustment Gauge, which allows you to limit the spindle travel by setting the lever for this purpose. This ensures precision and repeatability of hole drilling operations, thereby increasing your productivity in your workshop. You can work on a greater number of projects thanks to the Mechanical Speed Adjustment, which enables you to regulate the speed to suit the application with just a simple push or pull of the lever. This locks the same torque and power levels throughout the speed ranges, for reliable precision and cost-efficient operations. The LED Digital Speed Readout simplifies monitoring of machine operation, since you simply need to give it a glance to check the current spindle speed and ensure consistency of drilling results.

  • The beveling worktable allows you to work on non-standard types of stock, such as irregularly-shaped or large workpieces that require entry of the drill bit at an angle. This enables you to work on elaborate projects that have irregular or variable designs. The worktable tilts left and right at 45 degrees, providing precise angled drilling. Use the exact speed for the drilling application thanks to the variable spindle speeds ranging from 530 to 3100 RPM, which empowers you to work on various kinds of material and drilling applications.


  • Powering the machine is a 3/4HP, 4.5-amp induction motor, which is equipped with ball bearings to work up sufficient torque and deliver balanced performance. This contributes to long tool life and dependability. This tool boasts a cast iron build for toughness and strength. There are no pulleys or belts to be replaced and with fewer moving parts, maintenance is minimal.


  • The X-pattern laser enables locking on to your drill bit to minimize the guesswork when using this machine. It allows accurate placement of the workpiece for repeatability, as needed, which also ensures minimal material wastage. You can drill directly through the center of a circular stock with a ten-inch diameter and a 2 ⅜-inch thickness.


  • The predrilled holes on the base accommodate bench or work stand mounting needs. Assembly is straightforward and the included instructions are easy to understand. You can affix vises and clamps to hold challenging workpieces on the slotted table. This model accommodates the addition of separately available drill press accessories including drum sanders, mortising attachments, circle cutters and other similar items.


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