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WEN 4208 Review

Last Updated: 01.06.20

2.2 WEN 4208

Notable features


As stated in the Wen 4208 drill press reviews this tool is capable of working with different materials and varying degrees of thickness.

With all of the drill press accessories included you can immediately get started on your projects.

The drill press is easy to operate, and you also have the advantage of the adjustable work table.

This is often considered the best drill press from Wen for power and durability.

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Known issues


There have been mentions that the safety feature on the chuck key makes it difficult to tighten, but this is rarely an issue with the tool’s construction and more a matter of personal opinion.

On occasion the screw that holds the pole in place can become stripped, but this can be resolved by drilling a hole in the screw.

While the table does tilt, some consumers have mentioned that this design feature does not always work.




Main features explained


  • One of the reasons that this is considered the best stationary drill press is for its versatile design. You have the advantage of the 5 adjustable speeds that make it easy to work with different materials, and varying degrees of thickness. Drill through metal, wood, plastic and more with speeds that range from 620 to 3100RPM. Drill repeated holes through 1″ thick cast iron, and the ½” chuck gives you the advantage of being able to work with different size bits.


  • With all of the accessories included with this lightweight and durable drill press you can immediately get started drilling accurate and precise holes. The drill press includes a chuck key with a safety feature that prevents it from being left in the machine, along with all the tools you need to assemble and adjust the drill press. With a ½” chuck also included, you can easily switch out different bits to ensure every hole is the perfect size.

2.1 WEN 4208

  • This drill press is ideal for home and commercial workshops, and features a powerful and durable motor. You will appreciate how easy this tool is to operate and to read. You can easily read and lock the linear depth on the drill press to punch precise and accurate holes in all types of material, and it is also comfortable to hold. Easily maneuver the different materials into place, and with the convenient features include on the adjustable worktable you will be able to finish your projects in no time at all.


  • The cast iron construction is durable and resistant to normal wear and tear, and the rigid frame ensure accurate and precise holes. The machine features a 1/3hp induction motor that is designed to give you plenty of power at any speed setting. Designed to be long lasting and powerful, you will have all of the torque you need to drill holes through almost any typed of material.



This 5 speed drill press is ideal for home or professional use, and you will love how easy it is to use. With 5 variable speeds you can drill through almost any material, and you will also appreciate its affordable price.


Buy from for ($85.98)