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TruePower 01-0822 Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


1.1 TruePower 01-0822


Notable features


Easily the best benchtop drill press for many users, this model is powered by a highly capable motor that can handle multiple applications with ease.

Often considered the best drill press from TruePower, the 01-0822 offers superb versatility and durability.

This easy-to-assemble model ships with all the accessories needed for successful applications.

This unit provides effortless control and use so you can operate it confidently.

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Known issues


One user has noted that the supplied manual has a Chinese to English translation that is simply incomprehensible, but it has been pointed out in many drill press reviews for this particular model that it offers simple operation.

Another customer has noted that the drive belt tends to be a bit hard to start but only at the onset, since it will work smoothly after several hours of operation.




Main features explained


  • Outfitted with a permanent magnet 3-amp motor that delivers 0.25 horsepower, this model is a small but highly reliable machine that offers 0 to 8500 RPM to deliver a drilling capacity of 0.79 inch to 6 mm diameter holes, and to ensure that it really gets the job done as you expect. Lending support to the capable engine of this model is its adjustable motor support, which also boasts a robust construction while being easily movable to ensure that you can always get proper belt tensioning. The spindle travel of 1 inch means this unit can drill a hole 1 inch deep through a workpiece held securely on its 6.75 x 6.75 inch work surface.

1.3 TruePower 01-0822

  • Pretty lightweight at just 12 pounds, the TruePower 01-0822 is engineered to deliver variable spin speeds varying from 0 to 5000, 0 to 6500 and 0 to 8500, to accommodate a variety of materials. The infinite speed selection lets you work on different types of workpieces using the appropriate type of drill bit. Some of the stock material you can work with include hardwoods such as hard maple, soft woods such as pine, aluminum, acrylic, brass and steel. This solidly constructed drill press ensures long machine life as well as lasting precision.


  • Proven to be quite easy to put together and use, this model comes with the necessary drill press accessories for hassle-free functionality right out of the package. It comes with a chuck key to ensure reduced incidences of lost drill bits. It also comes with drill bits so there will be fewer purchases to make depending on your project. The unit ships with a user manual where you can pick up some useful information especially regarding assembly of the machine. The one-year warranty is the best thing it ships with, since you are assured of reliable quality and craftsmanship. Help with its use is just a phone call away with this model.


  • The benchtop design enables confident control and use. In addition to the unit’s variable speed drive system for multiple applications plus keyed safety switch for your protection, the model boasts rack and pinion adjustments so control is always in your hands via the simple paddle switch. Carry out repeatable hole drilling tasks when needed with this simple machine.


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