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SKIL 4495-02 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


Accuracy is one thing any DIY enthusiast wants to have in a cutting tool, and the SKIL 4495-02 readily provides, as it comes equipped with a laser guide.

Whether you want to make aggressive or smooth cuts, you will be able to do so with the help of this tool, due to the four orbital settings available.

The rest design is another feature you will like about this model, as it keeps the blade from damaging the surface on which you let the tool rest.

There’s no need to worry about rough cuts, as the stable foot the model comes with offers the extra control needed when dealing with tough materials.

Power is certainly not an issue for this jigsaw, as its 6-Amp motor can quickly tell you.

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Known issues


Some users say that they are not pleased with the blades the tool comes with, as they seem to be cheaply made.

Others are not content with the speed trigger which they find to be too stiff and not particularly easy to control.




Main features explained


How much do accuracy and precision matter to you when using a cutting tool? The SKIL 4495-02 offers all that you need to ensure that your cuts are always precise, and your project is completed to your satisfaction. First of all, the powerful motor will put your tool to work as intended, and you will be pleased with how easy it cuts through any material, even metal. Secondly, the laser guide will show you how to cut correctly to avoid mishaps.

DIY projects, even the simplest, require control and versatility in a power tool, and that is why this model has managed to gather so many positive reviews. Its 4-position orbital control allows the user to go for fast and smooth cuts with the same precision and accuracy, while you can manipulate the tool with ease and as you see fit.

Controlling your power tools cannot be performed without the presence of specific features. In this case, we have to talk about the stable foot this tool comes equipped with. There is nothing to worry about when you’re using your jigsaw power tool, as the foot design will provide you with the much-needed control for more complicated cuts.

Another thing you should appreciate in this model is the rest design. This prevents the blade from causing damage to the material you are working on, something that many buyers find useful.


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