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SKIL 3320-01 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20


Main features explained


  • This is considered the best drill press from SKIL and you will appreciate its versatility. The 3.2 amp motor can press holes through most types of wood, and you have the advantage of being able to adjust the speed. With five speeds to choose from that range from 570rpm to 3,050rpm you can easily drill through all types of materials. The depth and angle can also be adjusted to ensure every hole is drilled exactly where you want it. This drill press also features a ½” chuck that lets you make detailed cuts on various woodworking projects.


  • One of the reasons this is the best power magnetic drill press is its safe and easy to operate design. There is a “bump off” switch for added safety, and you will appreciate the included owner’s manual which guides you through the quick and simple assembly steps. The drill press is powerful enough to cut through most types of material with the 3.2amp motor, but it is also incredibly easy for beginners to operate.

1.2 SKIL 3320-01

  • This sturdy drill press is affordable and powerful. It can effectively drill holes in wood and make it easy to finish all of your projects. It includes all of the features that can often be found on higher priced models, and you have the added security of the manufacturer warranty. Priced to fit most budgets, it is easy to see why this model is often found in many home workshops.


You never have to worry about drill holes that aren’t lined up, and ruining an expensive piece of wood. This drill press features two laser beams that make it easy to line everything up precisely. Drill repetitive holes in a straight line, or place one directly in the center. Using two inexpensive AA batteries, the lasers can help all of your projects turn out perfectly.


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Notable features


As stated in the SKIL 3320-01 drill press reviews this versatile model features 5 settings for speed.

The drill press is designed to be easy and safe to operate, and includes an informative guide to walk you through the steps.

The affordable price makes it ideal for home work shops, and it also features a durable construction.

With the added advantage of the laser you can accurately line up your holes before drilling.

1.1 SKIL 3320-01


Known issues


While the drill press accessories are included, it should be noted that the laser sight does require two AA batteries which might affect your budget.

Some consumers have mentioned that the speed can be difficult to change, but this can be resolved by applying grease to the slides.





This drill press is not only affordable, it also makes it easy for you to finish your projects without wasting material. The adjustable speeds and depth control let you work with a variety of wood, and the two laser lights make lining up holes quick and easy. Designed to be easy to operate and maintain, it is also amazingly powerful considering its affordable price.


Buy from for ($132.99)