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Shop Fox W1848 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20


Notable features


Sanding is the second type of operation this drill press is intended for, and the good news is that you can switch between the drilling mode and the sanding mode with maximum efficiency and without any tools.

Its durable construction recommends it for many various applications, as it is a floor model that is not easy to tip over.

The speeds available vary from 250 to 3050 RPM, offering you a vast range of options when it comes to drilling holes.

You will appreciate the versatility of the unit, guaranteed by the possibility to tilt the table up to 45 degrees, for drilling holes that don’t require perpendicular action.

A sander drum kit is included with your purchase for sanding applications.

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Known issues


There is no work light included, and no laser alignment, either, but otherwise, this model seems to be quite a hit with DIY-ers everywhere.



Main features explained


You may want to get an oscillating drill press for a very simple reason, which is to use it for sanding applications. The best part about the press is that you will get a piece of equipment that performs drilling and sanding with maximum efficiency, but this is not all. Switching from one mode to another is done hassle-free, and you will not need any additional tools to make it happen.

If you are looking for an option that’s durable, you will find a great alternative in this floor model. You will not have to worry that the machinery will tip over, and, at the same time, you can rest assured that it is highly durable and there will be no need for a replacement in a long time.

You probably won’t just need your drill press only for drilling perpendicular holes. Drilling holes at an angle is not easy to do without the proper tool, and the fact that this model allows 45-degree tilting tells you everything you need to know about it.

You will find the sanding kit supplied with your purchase to be quite handy for all the sanding operations you have in mind. The 3-piece spindle kit comes with a mandrel, and also provides the user with the necessary sanding paper for all the applications you want. The 80-grit sanding paper will fit in the three different drum options offered without a glitch so that you can start sanding right away.


Buy from for ($494.99)