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Shop Fox W1670 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21

1.SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press


Notable features


Undoubtedly the best drill press from Shop Fox, this model is outfitted with a ½ horsepower 110-volt motor.

The variable spin speeds allow you to work on a variety of materials in your workshop.

The beveling head and table enable you to carry out a range of drilling applications.

The table allows you to work on various sizes of stocks with ease.

The SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press is built to last.

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Known issues


According to one of the SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press reviews, this model works great for light to medium size work and occasional heavy work but shouldn’t be made to go beyond its capacity for that.




Main features explained


  • If you want the best drill press that can handle DIY projects easily, the SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press should be your top choice. The ½-horsepower motor enables you to handle both drilling and sanding operations to expand your creativity. This drill press is a versatile and handy machine with a spindle travel of 3 ¼ inches that you can maximize for your workshop projects. The drill chuck can take bits ranging between 1/16 inch and 5/8 inch so you can work on different materials for light to heavy projects. The JT33 arbor adapts different drill chucks to the drill press for versatile functionality.

2.SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press

  • Thanks to the variable spin speeds of this drill press, you can tackle different tasks. The five speeds include 550, 880, 1520, 2490 and 3470 RPM, which are easy to set and adjust by simply referring to the speed chart mounted under the belt guard. The chart has information on the pulley combination that matches your desired speed. The variable speeds let you utilize a separately purchased drum sander set and mandrel to sand finely detailed and small pieces.


  • You can drill any angle needed by optimizing the tilt of the head and that of the table. The Shop Fox W1670 can even be used as a horizontal boring machine. Capable of cutting into the middle of stock up to an incredible 34 inches in diameter, the Shop Fox W1670 lets you slide the headstock in and out to adjust the distance between the chuck and the column to a larger parameter up to 17 inches. The headstock bevels from 45 degrees clockwise to 90 degrees counterclockwise so you can drill holes at an angle. Use the slide and tilt features to bore a series of straight or angled holes without having to reposition the stock after each hole is completed, thereby saving on working time. The drill press table has four adjustments to accommodate angled hole boring, as well. The table has adjustable height, angle, rotation and distance from the column.


  • The precision cast iron tables swings 360 degrees and 90 degrees in both directions, enabling you to work on different sizes of workpieces. The table’s 12.25-inch diameter is complemented with the extended work platform for handling large stock. The universal table tilt system is further enhanced by the depth stop that lets you drill holes at a predetermined depth repeatedly while ensuring consistency in results.


  • Built to last, the W1670 Radial Drill Press is especially engineered to deliver many years of trouble free service. This machine is manufactured with careful attention to detail using ruggedly built parts and under a rigid quality control program to assure the user of safe and reliable operation. The 2- Year Warranty assures you of optimum quality and construction.

3.SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press




The SHOP FOX W1670 Floor Radial Drill Press is a modern tool that offers greater versatility, consistent results and accuracy than an ordinary hand drill. This machine lets you tackle a variety of drilling applications ranging from light to heavy so you can expand your creativity levels and become a more proficient craftsperson. The drill press features five speeds and adjustable components that let you work on any project with ease.


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