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Shop Fox W1669 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20


3.SHOP FOX W1669


Notable features


This powerful drill press comes with a durable construction that is designed to last.

You will appreciate the sliding headstock that lets you drill straight and angles holes without having to take the time to continuously reposition the material you are working on.

The tilting table is durable and makes it easy to safely use the drill press for a variety of applications.

With five operating speeds to choose from you can easily complete almost any project.

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Known issues


Some consumers have noted that head and motor are heavier than the base which can lead to it being dangerously unbalanced. This can be easily resolved by mounting it to a sturdy bench, but this might not be practical for all consumers.




Main features explained


  • This radial drill press comes with a durable construction that is designed to provide you with years of reliable performance. The table is constructed from sturdy cast iron to ensure it can support the weight of the materials you are working with. Close attention is paid to every detail during assembly and the powerful ½ horsepower motor is built to last. Compatible with most 110 volt outlets, this drill press will give you the performance you need to complete all of your projects.


  • With the ability to tilt and slide the headstock you can easily drill lines of perfectly straight or precisely angled holes without having to stop and constantly reposition the piece of material you are working on. The drill press has a maximum swing of 34 inches, and you can increase the distance between the column and 5/8 inch chuck up to 17 inches. The head can be tilted 45 degrees to the left and up to 90 degrees to the right so you can easily drill at angle or use the drill press for horizontal boring.

1.SHOP FOX W1669


  • This powerful drill press comes with a cast iron table that can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction. This versatile model also lets you adjust the height of the table so you can easily use it for a variety of applications. Safety is always a concern when you are using a drill press, and the W1669 comes with a large paddle style switch that makes it extremely easy to turn the machine on and off.


  • You will appreciate the convenience of the 5 adjustable speeds when you are working on fine details or simply need to quickly finish a project. The slower speeds let you drill precise holes in a straight line or at an angle, and when accuracy isn’t as important as boring quickly you can take advantage of the faster settings.




There is very little not to like about this powerful and versatile drill press by SHOP FOX. It comes with a ½ horsepower motor that is capable of working with a variety of materials, and the adjustable table and 34 inch swing let you drill angled and straight holes without any problems.


Buy from for ($377.95)