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Shop Fox W1668 Review

Last Updated: 12.08.22


Notable features


As stated in the Shop FOX W1668 drill press reviews you have the advantage of the versatile design which allows you to use this tool as a sander.

Often considered the best drill press from Shop Fox you will appreciate the powerful motor and durable steel construction during heavier applications.

The drill press features an easy to clean design, and all of the necessary accessories.

With the adjustable table you can find the perfect position for all your drilling and sanding applications.

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Known issues


It has been mentioned that even though all of the drill press accessories are included, it can be difficult to locate some replacement parts.

Some consumers have noticed that the manual can be difficult to follow, but this can be resolved by downloading a newer version on the listed website.




Main features explained


  • One of the reasons this is considered the best bench top drill press is its versatile design. You have the advantage of being able to drill up to ¾” in steel, along with being able to convert the tool into an oscillating sander. In only a couple of steps you can use this device as a powerful sander to smooth rough surfaces, and contour edges. The oscillating design also helps to prevent overheating, along with ensuring a perfect finish.


  • This drill press and sander features a durable construction that is designed to last. It includes a powerful ¾ HP motor that is capable of a maximum 1,725 RPM, and features 12 speed settings. This gives you the speed and power you need to finish some of your tougher projects. The oscillating sander is also designed to prevent engine wear and tear, and will help extend the life of the versatile and durable tool.

6.2 Shop Fox W1668

  • You will appreciate how easy it is to clean and maintain this tool, and it features a convenient dust collection system that works perfectly with the included table. The center hole in the table is designed to fit securely around the dust port so the sanding debris can be neatly funneled into a disposable container. The drill press also includes all of the accessories you need including a drill chuck and a sanding drum kit.


  • The included table with the drill press is convenient, sturdy, and adjustable. You can adjust the height for comfort and to prevent back pain, and it can also be tilted to make it easier to work on certain projects. The table can swing around 360 degrees and tilt 45 degrees from left to right. This makes it easy to find the right angle to work from whether you are using the tool as a drill or sander. You can also use the table as a stable work base, and push it out of the way when you are not using it. With the included hole in the center designed to work seamlessly with the dust collection system it is easy to see why this versatile tool is commonly found in home and commercial workshops.


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