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Shop Fox W1667 Review

Last Updated: 31.05.20

1.Shop Fox W1667

Notable features


Drilling and sanding have never been easier thanks to the Shop Fox W11667, as it features a versatile and convenient design.

Compared to some of its competitors, this model comes with a variety of safety features, one of which consists of the safety switch that allows users to locate the off button conveniently.

The tilting table of this model gives owners the freedom they may need in order to sand surfaces of various angles and support their work piece as best as possible.

Based on the characteristics it comes with, this unit is considered among the most affordable drill presses out there.

The owner’s manual is straightforward and makes operation a breeze even for novices who have not yet had the chance to experiment with drilling or sanding multiple pieces.

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Known issues


Installation might be somewhat of a nuisance for some individuals who have no grasp on technical matters such as putting together a drill press.

This is not a professional model and might not be as durable compared to heavy-duty alternatives that cost a lot more money.




Main features explained


  • One of the neat things about this unit is that it raises up to par when it comes to performing a broad variety of activities that may range from sanding to drilling, depending on what the end-user has in mind at any given moment. Thanks to the ½-HP motor it comes with, the Shop Fox W1667 is perfectly capable of doing its job, but the core advantage of choosing this option over others is that it features a removable safety key that significantly prevents unwanted starts.

2.Shop Fox W1667

  • Another reason you may feel tempted to analyze this model is that it is entirely compatible with drums of which the size is either 1 or 2 inches in diameter. The maximum length of the drums allowed with this machine is 4 and a half inches. Thanks to the oscillating spindle, this model can finally help you achieve the finish you’ve been wanting to get.


  • A drill press isn’t a toy of any kind as it is often times more important to operate the device both safely and efficiently. As such, the manufacturers were keen to include an array of safety characteristics in the Shop Fox W1667, with one of the most important one being a paddle switch. This unique type of paddle lets owners slap it down and turn off the device as soon as they’ve wrapped up their task. Not only does this contribute to energy economy but also to the security of the person utilizing the model.


  • What’s more, the table of the Shop Fox W1667 can be tilted in accordance with the activity you’re undertaking. Besides, the dust port of the unit can be connected to the system you might already have in your small shop and thus manage to keep your workspace in top shape. After all, clutter never helped anyone, and it won’t assist you in completing your drilling and sanding tasks.


Buy from for ($222.39)