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Ryobi ZRDP102L Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22

1. Ryobi ZRDP102L 10Drill Press with Laser

Notable features


Considered the best drill press from Ryobi, this machine offers variable speeds.

The Ryobi ZRDP102L Drill Press is outfitted with a powerful induction motor.

This device is easy and convenient to use.

If you want precision drilling results, this is the tool to own.

The drill press offers problem-free adjustability.


Known issues


At least two or three of the Ryobi ZRDP102L Drill Press reviews note that the machine is made quite rough out of the box but the issues are easy to resolve, i.e. with some adjustments and lubricant.


This product is unavailable right now. Click here to read a review on the DP103L model.



Main features explained


  • This model is easily the best rated drill press for light and medium-level drilling applications. It capably delivers five mechanical variable no-load speeds ranging between 570 and 3,050 RPM so you can tackle a wide variety of drilling tasks in the workshop. The ten-inch swing enables the tool to drill a hole in the center of a wide board with ease. The ½-inch chuck capacity tackles a variety of drilling applications and enables use with a smaller bit. The quill travel is easy to manage at 2 3/8 inches or 60 mm so you are assured of steady drilling.


  • Powered by a reliably capable heavy duty induction motor, the Ryobi ZRDP102L Drill Press offers long lasting performance. The 120V AC, 3 Amp, 60Hz motor provides more than enough power to enable the device to tackle a variety of materials easily. The ten-foot cord channels power from a standard AC outlet to the motor to ensure that the job gets done with professional results.

2. Ryobi ZRDP102L 10Drill Press with Laser

  • Proven to be easy to operate, the Ryobi ZRDP102L Drill Press features an integrated work light that ensures easy viewing of the surface so you see exactly where to drill. The drill press accepts mortising attachments so you can be as creative as you want when using it. Thanks to the locking depth stop, the drill can perform repeatable hole cutting tasks, which is valuable when you have to drill holes at an exact spot on a number of identical pieces repetitively. The table height can be adjusted easily using the rack and pinion system, so you can raise and lower the stock to the desired height to bring it to a convenient and easy-to-manage working level.


  • This versatile drill press comes with 360-degree swivel so you can drill at an angle without missing the precise spot you need to start on. The drill press offers greater workability compared to a standard handheld drill so you can just set the cutting depth and put in the workpieces without worrying about getting accurate, clean results. The revolutionary Exactline laser alignment system ensures that the drill bit enters the stock at the designated spot every time, so you can get sharp and sure drilling every time.


  • This drill press enables you to do repetitive applications thanks to it adjustable cutting depth and table. This means you can adjust the drilling depth to adhere to project specifications with ease.




This Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRDP102L 10″ Drill Press offers convenience and easy use when a handheld drill may not be powerful enough to cut through various kinds of materials easily. It merges adjustability, reliable performance and precision to ensure you can tackle a wide array of applications to suit every project requirement.


This product is unavailable right now. Click here to read a review on the DP103L model.