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Ryobi P251 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


Switching between different drilling modes is easy, and this model will help you go from a tool that can drill holes through masonry to one that can drive screws through holes without a glitch.

In case you need to use this tool for projects that require more delicate operations, the 24-position clutch will let you adjust the torque power as you see fit.

You will find a handy magnetic bit holder at the base of the tool; it is a sure way to have all you need at hand, without moving around all the time.

The side handle can be adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed users.

Another thing users like about this model is the rubber molding that provides a secure grip.

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Known issues


Some people talk about this model not being great to use as an impact driver, but they don’t think it is a reason enough to give up on this tool.

Another complaint that you might hear more often than not is that the tool is a bit too bulky.



Main features explained


Versatility is essential in any power tool, and this is precisely what this particular model provides. You can use it in three different drilling modes. One is suitable for drilling holes in masonry and concrete, while a second mode is the right one to choose when you want to drill holes through wood or plastic. Last, but not least, the driving mode lets you put screws into pilot holes with extreme ease.

There can be many different projects requiring a tool like this one. Chances are that not all of them will require the same amount of torque power, and some need a more delicate approach. The good news is that the 24-position clutch this model comes equipped with lets you adjust the torque you need up to 750-inch pounds.

Convenience is always a great plus for any tool you might want to purchase. The magnetic bit holder placed on a platform near the base will let you hold all the bits you need for maximum efficiency. Also, the fact that you can screw the plastic screw for left-handed or right-handed use is a plus that should not be overlooked. Whenever a buddy of yours wants to borrow the tool, you will be able to help him or her, even if they do not use the same dominant hand as you do.


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