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Ryobi P222 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20


Notable features


Offering you the possibility to select from three different modes – rotary hammer, rotational driller, and chisel only – this unit is versatile and handy for many applications and situations.

Make use of its LED light to watch your work area closely, especially when you need to carry on projects in tight places.

It must be said that this model is compact, yet powerful, seeing that it can develop maximum 5,000 bpm, as a rotary hammer.

You can adjust the chisel bit position so that you can use the tool in optimal conditions, without straining your hands or trying to reach difficult-to-access areas.

Buy from for ($93.77)


Known issues


It seems to waste battery life at a fast speed, regardless of what battery you are using, seeing that one is not included with your purchase.

You may also notice that the motor is getting warm after using it for minutes; the reviewers who spoke about this aspect said that letting it cool a little was enough to get back to work.



Main features explained


The first thing we should talk about when reviewing this rotary hammer is its outstanding power for a unit this small. It is capable of developing 5,000 bpm, and the maximum speed it can reach is 1,300 rpm, which says some essential things about this model. Unlike other models on the market that develop only a fraction of what this tool can deliver, the Ryobi P222 feels like a full-fledged rotary hammer from the first minute of use. At the same time, it offers the advantage of being cordless so that you can take it anywhere with you.

You will find the mode selector to be easy to use. It offers some extra advantages compared to similar models because this one can be used as a rotary hammer, for rotational drilling, as well as in chisel mode. The available modes expand the usability of the unit, and the various applications you can take head-on, without fear. The fact that you’re only paying for one tool, and you get three instead, is an excellent advantage that cannot be overlooked.



Some nice extras make this model even nicer. It is equipped with a LED light that will allow you to use illumination and watch carefully the area you are working on. The chisel bit can be adjusted for maximum convenience, as well.


Buy from for ($93.77)


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