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Ryobi HP108L Compact Review

Last Updated: 12.08.22


Notable features


Something between an electric screwdriver and a drill, the Ryobi HP108L borrows from the functionality of each while keeping itself light and easy to use.

At only 2 pounds in weight and 7.5 inches in length, this should be very easy to use in tight or restricted spaces, without causing any significant fatigue when holding it in awkward positions.

Despite its low power output, customers report successfully using it for light drilling applications, such as punching holes through plywood or plastic and hanging paintings.

It is also reported to be extremely comfortable, with a rubberized handle featuring a unique texture for better grip, placed near the center of weight of the tool for the best balance.

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Known issues


Some people don’t find the integrated battery to their liking, since it forces you to cease working when the item needs a recharge, instead of just changing the battery.



Main features explained


With an 8 V battery, this Ryobi sits somewhere between an electrical screwdriver and a drill driver, but it still offers enough heft for light drilling applications through plywood or plastic while keeping itself substantially smaller and lighter than 18 or 20 V models.

With a centrally placed handle for better balance and only 7.5 inches in length, this will be very easy to handle and will fit tight spaces well, which makes it ideal for tasks such as furniture assembly or electrical repairs. Furthermore, a large area of the handle is rubberized, to provide better grip when the operator’s hands are sweaty.

You won’t just be able to operate it one-handed, but change the bit as well since this uses a keyless 3/8 chuck. Another thing working towards your convenience is the LED light, placed very close to the driving end so that it offers good illumination for the bit. Speaking of bits, a double one is included in the package, as well as a charger for the integrated battery.

Some might find the fact that the battery cannot be removed inconvenient, but this might very well be seen as a trade-off considering this means there’s one less item to worry about. Together with its battery, the product weighs just 2 pounds, which is precisely what you want when using an electric screwdriver in hard to reach places for a considerable amount of time.

However, this is significantly more potent than a regular driver, with a maximum speed of 580 RPM and a variable speed trigger to adapt it to a wider range of applications.


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