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Ryobi DP103L Review

Last Updated: 26.05.20


Notable features


The DP103L is possibly the best Ryobi drill press if you’re looking for a relatively affordable model that does exactly what it is supposed to do with little to no inconvenience on the part of the user.

The neat thing about this unit is that it is destined for a wide array of applications.

What’s more, the DP103L is compatible with a large range of mortising attachments, which basically means that it takes the cake when it comes to versatility.

Installation is a breeze with this alternative since it comes with anything one might ever need and the instructions are very straightforward.

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Known issues


Although many of the people who have chosen this alternative claim that they appreciate the value offered for the price, there were some individuals who had some minor complaints. For example, a buyer argues that he or she would have liked the unit a lot more had it been constructed with all-metal parts. According to another customer, it would have been nice if he or she hadn’t felt the need to reinforce and tighten all the bolts in the product prior to using it. Even the individuals who expressed these concerns claim that the DP103L does get the job done and is worth the money.




Main features explained


  • Depending on the online marketplace you choose for your purchase, you might have a high chance of buying this model with as little as one hundred and forty dollars. While this might not look like the greatest bargain to some people, the fact of the matter is that it’s close to impossible to get the same features at the same price, even if you decide to go for a product manufactured by a different brand.


  • Depending on the user’s needs and preferences, the Ryobi DP103L can be used for a high number of drilling applications. The 620-3, 100 RPM speed is variable and thus makes it possible for the owner to select the right one for the task he or she has at hand. Additionally, the model features an adjustable depth stop.

1.1 10 in. Drill Press with Laser

  • Versatility is at the core of this product considering that it is entirely compatible with a wide range of mortising attachments. It doesn’t even matter if they have been manufactured by the same brand or if the user has owned them from before purchasing the Ryobi DP103L. For additional info in regards to the mortising attachments that can be used with this Ryobi unit, consult the user’s instruction manual.


  • The package includes the actual drill press, two AA batteries, a hex wrench, a chuck key and an operator’s manual. The guide provided by the manufacturer is precise and makes it possible for the person who has purchased the DP103L to set it up in a timely fashion and with little to no effort. This hassle-free installation has been praised by many buyers. Besides, if you ever lose the manual and can’t seem to find it anywhere, you needn’t worry about anything as the official Ryobi website contains a set of manuals for every model produced by the brand.
  • The Ryobi DP103L may not be the most powerful drill press you can get right now, but it has its fair share of positive points, as the people who have bought and tried it say. Most of those who wrote reviews for this model say that they are satisfied with it, especially given the price tag.


It does its job

As it is a model that can be used for various projects, and not only for woodworking, the Ryobi DP103L comes with a variable speed feature. That means that you can use it for metal working, for drilling holes through plastic, and for many various applications. This is the main reason why many buyers say that it is a good buy.


A good deal for the money

One of the most significant selling points of this particular model is, without a doubt, its pricing. It costs less than many other drill presses within the same power range on the market, and that’s not something to overlook.

People who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a drill press and aren’t likely to use it too often seem to make the most of the buyers of this particular model. When needs meet what’s provided for the price, that’s a good deal, which is exactly what some customers say about this drill press.


Sturdy and reliable

One customer notices that the drill press feels sturdy and it seems to be made from durable materials. Seeing how you won’t invest a lot of money in it, that contributes to the aspect that several people mention, which is that the drill press will convince you with its sturdiness and reliability.

Perfect for DIY projects

If all you need to do are some DIY projects that don’t require truly powerful tools, you’ll discover that the Ryobi DP103L is pretty much all you need. Of course, you can’t expect it to work well on larger projects, but for someone who wants to spend some time in his or her shop at the end of the week, there’s hardly a better choice, as most of the reviewers point out.


Minor issues and nuisances

For the price, no one expects the Ryobi DP103L to be perfect, which is why it is important to talk about here some of the problems and annoyances mentioned by the owners of this model.

For instance, someone says that laser light was off center when he got it, and some work was needed to set it right. Also, the same customer mentions that he needed to screw all the bolts tightly, as they appeared to be a little loose.

Another customer talks about the composite pulleys that the model comes equipped with, something he sees as a drawback to an otherwise dependable drill press. He mentions that replacing the composite pulleys with metal pulleys would cost the manufacturer little and would make the Ryobi DP103L more reliable.

Buy from for ($193.55)



It is true that this drill press is not the most dependable or powerful model you can find. But, for the price, as its reviewers indicate in their comments, it does a pretty decent job. (if you want to check another Ryobi model, check out this review)