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Rockwell RK7033 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21

12.1 Rockwell RK7033

Notable features


This model offers the superb level of performance you expect from the best drill press from Rockwell.

The tool provides great adaptability.

The Rockwell RK7033 is a great tool that makes a terrific partner for any professional or home worker.

It provides repeatable accuracy every time.

It comes with topnotch features and specifications.

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Known issues


The Rockwell RK7033 ships to you disassembled, which some buyers may find a real hassle, as some parts may be missing or quite difficult to put together. However, instructions are available online, along with the unit being shipped with a user’s manual. Replacement parts can be obtained from the retailer, as well.




Main features explained


  • Many Rockwell RK7033 drill press reviews agree that the device is the best one you can get from Rockwell. The 6.2 amp 2/3 HP motor supplies the power necessary to keep the tool running smoothly and in tiptop shape. This is further complemented by the 5-speed gear box that delivers a robust performance and superb reliability. The Rockwell RK 7033 makes hole-drilling on metal, wood and plastic take less effort. It enables you to complete large projects that involve cutting of holes into wood in less time, and much quicker than when you have to do everything manually. This revolutionary tool also ensures you can use your energy to do more tasks in the workshops.


  • Many people agree that the Rockwell RK 7033 is the best 10 inch drill press at this price range. It comes with great features that ensure reliable adaptability. This includes the easy rack and pinion mechanism for adjusting the height of the table, which allows you to drill on work pieces of various heights or shapes. The table also comes with a tilting capability up to 45 degrees left and right so you can perform angled drilling without worrying about entering the stock the wrong way. The two-inch spindle travel makes the device a convenient and practical tool when you require drilling precision and accuracy. You will love working with this device that allows you to use the speed you want for the specific application.

12.2 Rockwell RK7033

  • The drill press can be used for home construction projects and remodeling tasks. You won’t even have to create the holes you need by using methodologies that no professional worker will dare to do by hand.


  • Thanks to the five speed settings, you can work on a variety of materials without worrying about the uniformity of completed tasks. Just set the speed and the depth, clamp your stock on the worktable and drill away. You won’t have to worry about the drilled holes being of uneven depths or widths. This drill press can be relied on to do multiple tasks repetitively.


  • The keyed safety switch works to effectively prevent accidental starting. You won’t have to worry about the machine not being able to support itself while doing its tasks, as the base keeps everything stable. The Rockwell RK7033 comes with the needed drill press accessories for out-of-the-box functionality, including an Allen wrench and chuck key, a powerful 6.2-amp 120-volt motor, and the overall usability of a machine engineered for home and small-scale commercial use.




Made for home and commercial use, the Rockwell RK 7033 makes a wise investment. The price is pocket friendly and the features are topnotch. You have table and spindle speed adjustability, repeatable accuracy when drilling multiple holes of uniform sizes, and a solid construction.


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