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RIKON 30-140 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21

1.RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill Press

Notable features


Undoubtedly, this model is the best BenchTop Radial Drill from RIKON for the craftsperson who needs nothing less than clean and accurate drilling results.

The device offers versatility to enable you to perform a variety of drilling tasks.

Outfitted with a reliable motor, this radial drill press powers through materials that no handheld drill can work on.

The device is built with premium quality materials to ensure a solid construction.

The drill press offers adjustability to accommodate every drilling application.

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Known issues


One of the RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill reviews notes that because of the radial design of this tool, it has a lot of moving parts to do its job, which is something that buyers should be aware of.



Main features explained


  • Certainly the best rated bench top radial drill press for small to medium duty applications, this tool is equipped with a head that tilts back and forth to accommodate a variety of different board widths and ensure accurate hole drilling with consistently clean results.The head moves 45 degrees to the right and 90 degrees to the left so you can do angled drilling when needed. Powerful and efficient, the radial drill press proves to be highly useful when angle drilling balustrades for making stair railings. This device makes it easy to drill on the center of wide boards and to cut multiple holes along a center point.


  • The drill press head enables you to tackle different board widths with its adjustable design. The radial drill press can take both big and small jobs with ease. Offering large drilling capacity, the 3/8-inch spindle travel is ideal for tough jobs. Setting the drill to the right cutting depth is quick and easy thanks to the clutch depth stop, which also ensures that the setting is locked so you can do repetitive drilling. Additionally, the drill press is equipped with an M-T2 spindle taper that enables easy replacements of chuck arbors with end mill bits.

3.RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill Press

  • Featuring a robust 1/3 HP motor, this radial drill press offers powerful efficiency in handling drilling applications. Choose from five spindle speeds varying between 620 and 3,100 RPM to tackle any material from wood to metal. This drill press is perfect for the small commercial shop and home woodworking shop, as well as a range of do-it-yourself drilling applications. The special telescopic design offers more usage options. The professional-grade device is built for easy use. It ships with a speed-selection chart to let you set the appropriate speed that matches the specific job requirement. The machine also comes with a chuck key holder to keep the bit from slipping.


  • This is a solidly constructed tool with a stable base that holds every component steadily and in one piece. The rotating table handles a variety of sizes of stocks while being assured of stability on the supporting base. The drill press is solid and heavy and is quite easy to assemble out of the packaging. Covered by a reliable two-year warranty, the RIKON drill press offers years of use with its tough construction and premium components.


  • The table rotates to tackle any board width. Choose the spindle speed that works best for the specific drilling chore you have to do. This tool is indispensable when you have to tackle repetitive drilling and various depths for cutting holes into diverse materials. The machine comes to you complete with a table assembly, the drill press head, arbor, column assembly, belt, the base, chuck and two loose hardware bags, so you have everything you need in the kit. The owner’s manual simplifies assembly.




Perfect for the small woodworking shop, the RIKON 30-140 Bench Top Radial Drill tackles a variety of drilling tasks with its variable spin speeds and adjustable table. This device works better than a standard handheld drill when you have to ensure precision hole cutting in several pieces of material.


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