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Rikon 30-100 Review

Last Updated: 05.06.20

7.1 Rikon 30-100

Notable features


According to the Rikon 30-100 drill press reviews you have the advantage of the durable construction.

This is often considered the best 8 inch drill press for its ability to work with all types of materials.

You have the advantage of the easy to operate design that is also accurate and precise.

The drill press features an affordable price, along with an included warranty.

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Known issues


There have been mentions that this drill press might not be able to drill ½” holes into thick sheets of steel, but it should be noted that this is an 8 inch drill press and not a larger model.

Some consumers have mentioned that an occasional part may arrive broken, but this can be easily fixed by contracting customer service for a replacement.




Main features explained


  • One of the reasons this is considered the best drill press from Rikon is its durable construction. You have the advantage of the sturdy steel and cast iron materials that are resistant to corrosion. The strong steel casing will protect the motor from damage, and you will also appreciate how smooth the drill feels when it is running. The drill press is designed to emit fewer vibrations than other models making it more comfortable and easier to operate and control.


  • You do not need a lot of drill press accessories to work with different types of materials, only a powerful motor and variable speed settings. This drill press is capable of 5 speeds which enable you to work with almost any type of material, and RPM ranging from 620 to 3100. With the included informational chart that lists the speeds and different materials best used on, it’s easy to turn out professional and accurate work.

7.2 Rikon 30-100

  • This drill press is designed to be easy to use and operate, even for beginners. The speeds are clearly numbered and the included chart helps to prevent any costly drilling mistakes. You also have the advantage of the easy to reach toggle switch, and the depth stop which makes it simple to set the drill at the appropriate mark. This feature is also convenient when you are drilling repetitive holes. The cast iron handles are comfortable and make controlling the drill press a breeze, along with helping to ensure that every hole you place is precisely where it needs to be.


  • With its durable steel and cast iron construction along with its easy to operate design it is hard to believe that this drill press is also affordably priced. The adjustable speeds give it enough power to work with almost any type of material, and it is also incredibly accurate. Along with the affordable price you also have the advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty, which will give you additional peace of mind. Perfect for use in workshops and at the job site, this affordable drill press will help you finish almost any project.


Buy from for ($158.99)