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Proxxon 27100 KT 70 Review

Last Updated: 25.05.20


Notable features


Definitely the best drill press table from Proxxon, this model is constructed of surface-treated aluminum/metal.

The drill press table features clamping accessories for problem-free attachment.

The adjustable ruler enables easier positioning of the cross slide.

The drill press table ensures accuracy in high-precision drilling applications.

The product is lightweight.

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Known issues


The mini compound table is well made but is hardly a match for heavy drilling tasks, according to one of the Proxxon 27100 micro compound table reviews. The small size may require that modifications be made for securing to the actual drill press or grinding table.



Main features explained


  • Made of surface-treated aluminum, the Proxxon 27100 micro compound table is suitable for use with any top rated drill press on the market. The solid metal construction of this attachment enables the operator to execute precise drilling, boring, milling and grinding operations, even microscopy, effectively preventing wastage of materials in the workshop or the laboratory. The device offers precise positioning of a work piece that is not perfectly flat in the first place. The tiny hand mills on the unit ensure that the stock is in correct position every time, without slipping or hitting the column.


  • The micro compound table is equipped with clamping accessories so you can attach the unit effortlessly on or below the Machine Vice MS4, Micromot Drill Stand MB140/S and Bench Drill Machine TBM115 units. The two-piece step clamps ensure ease of use. The product can also be utilized with other drill presses and drill stands. This ensures that everything is lined up to accommodate the whole size of the work piece to avoid distorting it.


  • The adjustable ruler enables effortless positioning of the cross slide, for smooth movement without discernible variations. The T-slots ensure precise work clamping. This is a robustly made aluminum compound table that travels sideways and front to back to ensure precise alignment of the stock every time. The adjustable dovetails control backlash. The zero resettable dials on the hand wheels are graduated in 0.05 mm increments for precise settings.


  • The control wheels have convenient sub-divisions to provide movement of small graduations and measured travel on either side. The X-travel is up to 5 9/32 inches and the Y-travel is up to 1 13/16 inches. The device has an overall height of 1 11/16 inches to deliver ample elevation of the work piece towards the chuck.


  • Lightweight at just 2.4 pounds, the Proxxon 27100 micro compound table is a small device that you can easily remove for use in a variety of drill presses, drill stands or milling machines in your workshop. It is a portable, handheld device that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of counter and storage space.





The Proxxon KT70 is a German-engineered mini compound table that helps you perform precise facing, drilling, boring, milling and grinding operations. The small yet highly useful attachment makes your drill press table more versatile. Positioning the stock is never a problem, especially when you have to carry out smaller applications. The Proxxon KT 70 ensures precise and accurate setup especially when working with stock that is not perfectly flat.


Buy from for ($76.09)



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