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Powertec DP801 Review

Last Updated: 25.01.21

10. 2 POWERTEC DP801

Notable features


Users point out that the unit has a very powerful motor that can help you drill through a variety of tough materials.

Extra flexibility is guaranteed as you can choose from a total of 5 speeds that should cover any drilling task you might have to perform.

It comes with a safety power switch that cuts of power in case of accidents.

It’s able to work on very precise projects thanks to the high degree of accuracy that it is able to provide.



Known issues


This item can only be shipped in the US, so if you’re planning on purchasing it from somewhere else, you should ask someone who lives there to get it for you.



Main features explained


  • If you’re planning on using the drill for a project, you’re probably not willing to spend most of the time taking breaks, in order to ensure that you’re not burning the drill’s motor. However, if you purchase a model with a weak motor, then this is exactly what you’ll have to do.


  • Indeed, very weak motors are not capable of working for extended periods of time; in fact they might not even hold up for short periods, if the job is too intense for them. The great news is that this one, being the best drill press from Powertec, has a motor that’s powerful enough to help you finish the job, without interruptions. That’s because it has a 2/5 horse power motor, of which many people spoke highly in their Powertec DP801 baby drill press reviews.


  • Another thing we’re sure you’ll appreciate is the fact that this model allows you to use 5 different speeds, each intended for a certain type, or for certain types of materials. Indeed, there are drills that only come with one speed, which means that they’re not quite able to work on a large range of materials, and if they are used for this, their lack of ability to be tailored to each kind results, more often than not, in an imprecise product. However, this model allows you to use not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 different speeds, making it the best baby drill press out there.


  • There are plenty of dangers when it comes to using drill presses, and many people have become injured by using such devices. With this in mind, it becomes imperative to take every caution possible in order to avoid such terrible situations. One reason why we love this particular model so much is that it has a safety power switch, which ensures that the machine won’t start drilling unless you want it to. As such, you’re not going to need any drill press accessories for it.


  • Finally, this model works very well when it comes to small projects, that need a lot of care when it comes to the small details. There are a lot of factors contributing to this, one of which we already talked about: the 5 speeds. In addition, its size is yet another benefit to this end, and the fact that its work table can be tilted.





If you’re looking for an amazing machine, and we’re sure you are, then this is the one you should be getting. Not only is it absolutely loved by its owners, but it also comes at a very cheap price, despite the quality you’re getting.