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Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Review

Last Updated: 01.06.20


2.Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press


Notable features


You will appreciate how easy it is to adjust the speeds when you are working on a project.

This Powermatic drill press is designed for accuracy and comes with several convenient features that will help ensure every hole is precisely where you want it.

Safety is always a top priority when you are working with any type of machine, and this drill press is designed with this in mind.

With the adjustable table and handle you can always find a comfortable position to work in.

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Known issues


Some consumers have mentioned that the instructions included with this drill press do not provide enough information, but it should be noted that this model is not designed for beginners and the directions are only intended to provide quick operating tips and should not be used as an instructional manual.




Main features explained


  • One of the main advantages associated with this drill press is how easy it is to adjust the speed while you are working. The spindle has a range of 250 to 3,000 RPM which gives you the power and speed you need to quickly finish a project or slowly bore accurate holes. The single handle lets you quickly adjust the speed as you go without ever having to stop and change the belt.


  • A drill press needs to be accurate and this is not a problem with this machine. The fence can be adjusted 90 degrees, and the convenient digital meter accurately displays the rotations per minute so you can change the speed according to the needs of the project. You also have the advantage of the laser guides which will show you exactly where the tool will go, and there are two bright LED lights that will illuminate the area you are working on to help minimize mistakes.

3.Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

  • Safety is an important consideration when you are working with any type of machine, and that includes drill presses. This model comes with a sturdy cast iron base that helps prevent the machine from tipping, and it also has a safety key that will keep the drill press from turning on until you are ready.


  • Being comfortable when you are working can help you finish projects quickly and easily, and this drill press comes with several innovative features. Not only can the table be adjusted to a comfortable angle, you can also switch the handle from side to side. Not only does this help you stay comfortable when you are using the quill, it can also keep you focused on the job instead of any discomfort you might feel.




This drill press is designed to accurately drill and bore holes in wood and metal pieces, while also being safe and easy to use. The combination of laser and LED lights make it easy to see exactly where you are working, and changing speeds is simple with the convenient RPM digital meter. Changing bits is easy with the keyless chuck, and you will appreciate the convenience of the 90 degree tilting table.


Buy from for ($1599.99)