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Last Updated: 01.06.20


Notable features


The powerful 7-Amp motor ensures that this tool is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of projects.

You can use this tool to drill holes through metal, concrete, masonry, wood, and many other materials, which means that you will not need another drilling tool if you get this one.

One feature that users love in this product is the dual speed transmission that allows you to reach maximum torque or the maximum speed, depending which setting you choose.

The tool comes equipped with a side handle that will prove useful in situations when you need to apply more power.

Users will get a tool with a long lifespan, as its metal housing is designed to help dissipate the heat produced by the internal components.

Buy from for ($75.99)


Known issues


Some users complain that the tool is massive, so not that easy to work with. The side handle may alleviate part of this problem.

Another thing you will hear people saying is that it is not very powerful, but for a model this versatile, it gets the job done.



Main features explained


You cannot get a tool that is more versatile than this one when it comes to drilling. Users will find this model ideal for all their drilling applications, as they will have no trouble with drilling holes through materials like masonry and concrete. Also, they will encounter no obstacles when they want to use this to drill holes through metal and wood.

One thing that has convinced many buyers so far that this is the hammer drill they want to have is the dual speed transmission. In one setting, the tool will allow you to use its maximum torque, required for applications that demand more control. In the other setting, you will be able to use the maximum speed allowed, for fast operation.

As it is a bit heavy, it is a good thing that some features can help with the comfort level experienced by the user during operation. For instance, the streamlined body and the way the handle is designed allows the user to hold this tool for an extended period.

You will find the locking trigger to be quite handy for the times when you need to use this drilling tool for a long time. Overall, this model is designed to reduce the discomfort that usually comes with using heavy tools for longer than just a few minutes.


Buy from for ($75.99)