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NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR Review

Last Updated: 25.01.21


Notable features


What makes the NOVA 58000 drill press stand out among other tools that can be used to get similar jobs done around a home or a shop is the fact that it’s highly versatile. The manufacturer specifically designed this unit to be able to handle a wide range of materials, including glass, plastic, metal, and wood. 

You can safely say that this is a cross-functional machine, given that it can be used for these materials without any difficulty. Of course, the DVR application that it comes with also helps the user get things done in an easier way, given that it features sensors that ensure superior protection and accuracy. 

Its versatility also comes from the fact that the unit includes multiple features for enhanced usability, so you won’t have difficulty handling it, even if the material might otherwise be more difficult to handle. The preventive maintenance features it comes with render it reliable in the long run as well. 


Known issues


One of the things that might be enhanced when it comes to this drill press is the locking mechanism. Even though there are multiple electronic features that make this product one that makes tasks a lot easier, this particular system is the same as the one used by regular drill presses. 

Furthermore, depending on the material you need to use it for, there’s a chance that the table won’t remain fully locked down, and some very small motions might still take place if a lot of pressure is applied. While it’s true that all of this depends on many factors, it can still pose some problems for certain particular drilling needs. 

The manufacturer could work on making this particular aspect of the drill press better, given that the rest of the unit offers seamless performance, high accuracy, as well as multiple technological features that render the user’s life a lot easier. 

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Main features explained


Highly accurate performance 

One of the things you should know about this drill press is that it features MCU software that ensures superior accuracy, given that it can easily and quickly control and correct every aspect of power and speed for a balanced operation. This means that the machining will be a high-precision one, and the split head casings and good bearings work for this as well. 

The compact headstock is another element that ensures the precision any experienced user is looking in a drill press, given that there are no pulleys or belts that can cause vibration. The result is a quiet, smooth, yet powerful drive performance. Furthermore, the DVR computer can automatically adjust various elements for improved drilling results. 

Of course, the fact that this unit includes a solid cast iron construction makes it reliable as well, so one can safely say that the NOVA 58000 Voyager is a quiet and effective operator. If you decide to give it a try, you’ll see for yourself that this model can drill more efficiently and faster than other regular products. 

Going back to the DVR computer for a bit, you should know that the motor features a world-leading software interface, so you won’t have any difficulties using it for enhanced assistance in all kinds of projects. The fact that the software is customizable as well means that the user can select the right speed for a wide range of materials, for optimal performance. 



Safety does come first with this drill 

Getting jobs done around your home or shop is surely something that you enjoy, but this doesn’t mean that drilling into a piece of material is not dangerous, so safety should always come first. This is something that any experienced user knows, and so does the manufacturer which is why this drill comes with multiple features that make it safe to use. 

One of these aspects is the vibration sensor that immediately stops the piece of machinery if it falls or gets tipped over. The same goes in case a piece you are working on comes loose. The sensors installed around the unit identify this potentially dangerous situation and turn it off in an instant. 

Furthermore, if you want to make sure that children don’t get to turn the drill on, you can set a password that prevents any such use. That’s why, it’s a great tool to have even in environments with children, such as schools. In addition to these features, this drill is also safer for the environment, given that it includes a smart motor that uses only the necessary power for the task at hand. 

This means that there is no wasting of electrical power, which translates to improved efficiency and, in some cases, saving as much as 50% of the energy used if other drills would be employed. 


It comes with multiple customizable features 

If you want to, you can let the Voyager know what material you are going to drill and what bit you intend to use, in order for the unit to select the right power and speed for the job. The great part is that this functionality makes things a lot easier, taking the entire guessing game out of the equation. 

Furthermore, you will also benefit from real-time feedback and monitoring, as the working screen displays all kinds of useful information registered by the sensors. Therefore, you can rest assured that the unit will automatically and instantly adjust its performance so that the results are the most accurate ones. 

The Voyager is also easy to use, given that you can set it up in a two-step process. First, you have to place the workpiece and touch it with the drill. Then, you can insert the depth you need to drill to and program the final step. 

The drill can either stop right away once the desired depth is attained, or it can slowly rotate in reverse in order for the counterbore recess to be cleared out as well. The motor provides instant power whenever you need it, thanks to the 1.75HP or 2HP variants and the unit’s structural strength. 


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