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Northern Industrial Tools RDM1301BN Review

Last Updated: 25.05.20


Notable features


This model is the best Benchtop Mini Drill Press from Northern Industrial Tools due to its capable motor.

The drill press allows the operator to be flexible on the choice of materials to be handled.

The unit boasts premium quality construction.

Working with this tool is easy when you need precision and repeatability of results.

This device is ideal for small to medium fabrications.


Known issues


Professional users and do-it-yourselfers have few negative things to say in the Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini Drill Press reviews except to note that one has to apply the right amount of pressure when using the machine.




Main features explained


  • If you need the best rated mini drill press for casual drilling work, this model from Northern Industrial Tools should prove to be highly useful. Outfitted with a strong 1/3 HP 120-volt motor, the drill press helps you tackle drilling jobs that your trusty handheld drill is not designed to work on. Offering good value for the money, the Northern Industrial Tools benchtop mini drill press provides the power you need to drill holes in hardy stock so you won’t have to do all the hard work.


  • With a drilling capacity of up to ½ inch, the Northern Industrial Tools benchtop mini drill press is engineered to deliver between 620 and 3,100 RPM so you can work on a variety of materials as workpieces. The drill press has a vertical stroke of two inches so you can drill holes confidently. The 8-inch swing allows you to get into the middle of a large workpiece and drill holes there, as not all jobs require edge drilling.

2.Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini Drill Press

  • The 6 5/8 x 6 9/16 inch table is made of cast iron, providing a solid area on which you can position your stock easily and ensure it stays secure. The cast iron construction ensures strength and durability, along with the upper housing and base. The 11 5/8in. x 7 1/3in. base provides sufficient stability for the entire machine, so you won’t need to worry about the unit toppling over or moving about on the floor unsteadily. This tool is solidly built and can last for years.


  • The Northern Industrial Tools benchtop mini drill press is engineered to drill with precision. It allows you to perform repetitive drilling thanks to the threaded depth lock that enables you to set the cutting depth and lock it there so you simply need to align the stocks and expect identical drilling results every time. This machine offers clean drilling thanks to the spindle and ½ inch chuck that run true. The screwdriver handle simplifies lowering and raising of the chuck towards the stock so you won’t have to apply a lot of pressure just to get the machine going.


  • Offering good value for light to medium duty work, this benchtop mini drill press can drill precise holes in small to medium fabrications. You can easily unscrew the knob on the side of the belt cover to access the belt and move it onto another groove to reset the speed. The drill press offers easy speed adjustments when working with small wood projects and jewelry making or creating custom knives.




The Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini Drill Press simplifies hole drilling when a handheld drill just can’t cut it. The device offers power and precision when executing small to medium drilling applications. It delivers adjustability and versatility so you can be flexible in your jobs, giving genuine value for money and earnings for you.



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