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MLCS 9778 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


1.MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table

Notable features


Adding versatility and precision to larger drill presses, the MLCS 9778 is simply the best drill press table from MLCS thanks to its large size.

This drill press table features an improved fence design.

The drill press table is outfitted with essential elements that enable the user to execute repetitive cuts.

The drill press table enables a drill press to accommodate sanding drums.

Get maximum holding power with this drill press table.

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Known issues


According to one of the MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table reviews, replacement inserts for the product can’t be sourced from sellers anywhere.




Main features explained


  • Providing a deeper and wider work area, the MLCS 9778 is the best drill press table to get when you need a means of maximizing larger benchtop and floor standing drill presses. The table offers a large surface area to work on measuring 20 inches by 30 inches. It is equipped with a universal mounting system that works with any size or shape of drill press platter. Simplify clamping of woodworking projects with this element that holds the stock down steadily while drilling, resulting in improved drill press results.


  • The drill press has an improved fence design that allows additional handle clearance while eliminating the need to move or adjust the fence. The adjustability of the fence ensures top level holding power and allows more clearance. This means you can do more projects and handle a wider variety of drilling applications with this drill press table in place.

2.MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table

  • Make repetitive cuts hassle-free thanks to the fence-mounted stop block on the MLCS 9778 drill press table. The stop block ensures that making a series of holes in a line is easy and yields consistent results every time, further enhancing the accuracy factor for your drill press. It enables you to make an exact pattern of holes, such as for chain drilling or doweling. Perfect for use with MLCS Forstner Bits, this jumbo drill press table is made of 7/8-inch thick MDF/Melamine to ensure lasting use. It also ships with two T-tracks for track mounted accessories, so all you need to get are T-Track hold downs to secure the workpiece. The supplied T-Tracks enable you to do endless adjustments to jigs, fences and hold downs.


  • Thanks to the removable table insert, this device enables the drill press to accommodate sanding drums, as the table can be drilled for any size sanding drum to transform the power tool into a spindle sander.


  • An ordinary drill press is engineered to drill holes into medium-sized pieces of metal, wood and other types of materials for stock. The MLCS 9778 drill press table improves the precision and the variety of holes you can cut. This is especially valuable when you have to work with large samples. By having a functional work surface of this kind, you can easily rest your work piece without worrying about it sliding or falling off. Simply attach the metal base of your power tool to the MLCS 9778 using lag bolts for added stability. A suitable pair of T-track hold downs will lock the stock in place.





Enhancing the precision and versatility you can derive from your floor standing or large benchtop drill press, the MLCS 9778 drill press table will enable you to make the most of your power tool. Do repetitive cuts with superbly consistent results every time and build your reputation as a versatile craftsperson with this exceptional device.


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