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Milwaukee 4270-20

Last Updated: 09.12.21


1.Milwaukee 4270-20


Notable features


This compact drill press is designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

It comes with everything you need to safely and accurately drill precise holes in metal, and it is backed by a limited warranty.

With the power to bore holes through a variety of materials, you can easily finish all of your projects.

You will appreciate its lightweight construction, especially when you need to take the drill press to the job site.

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Known issues


There have been some mentions that the various nuts and bolts can become loose over time, and while this could be a safety concern it can be easily rectified simply by performing regular maintenance on the machine.




Main features explained


  • While the handle might not be reversible this drill press from Milwaukee is still comfortable and easy to handle. The feed handle is flexible, and you can easily switch between the two positions without having to stop working and locate the necessary tools. It also comes with two clearly marked buttons that control the drill press, so you can immediately start working without having to undergo additional training.


  • The 4270-20 comes with Milwaukee’s standard warranty which protects against defects and promises that any manufacturing problems are automatically covered. To ensure that the powerful 9 amp motor always performs at its optimal level the drill press also comes with a lubricant filled spray bottle. The sturdy nylon strap provides you with additional protection when you are working, and you will appreciate the two convenient hex wrenches for quick bit changes.

3.Milwaukee 4270-20

  • If you frequently work with metal this drill press might be exactly what you need. The 9 amp motor is capable of boring holes through a variety of materials. The two coil magnet is designed to stay firmly in place, while providing you with up to 2,300 pounds of dead lift force. Use the annular cutters to drill 1 to ½ inch holes through 2 inch steel or switch to bits and bore ½ inch openings that are 4 to ¼ inch deep. With the ability to work with a variety of materials you can easily complete almost any project.


  • Sometimes you need to be able to travel to the job site, and this power magnetic drill press is designed to be easily portable. Its compact size and lightweight 26.5 lb construction makes it extremely easy to carry. You also have the advantage of the convenient handle, along with the protective carrying case. Perfect for use at home or on site, this drill press will help ensure that the job is done right.




The Milwaukee 4270-20 is designed specifically for drilling in metal, though it can still be used with some types of wood. It’s lightweight construction makes it perfect for use at the job site, and it comes with everything you need to ensure a safe and reliable performance. Simple to operate and powerful enough to quickly bore accurate holes in metal pieces, though drill press might be just what you need to finish your remote projects.


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