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Milwaukee 2473-22 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Notable features


The Milwaukee 2473-22 Press Tool Kit can be seen as one of the lightest tools on the market since it manages to bring portability and accessibility to a new level when it comes to installing a pipe. This product boasts a one-handed, in-line design that will allow the user to operate it pretty much anywhere he or she can fit an arm. 

This way, you will work better and faster since the main quality of this item is the easiness with which you will be able to get the job done once you get it. The press tool is able to monitor the overall force output by itself, making sure to offer quality connections all the time, sort of like a second person helping you out. 

Furthermore, the accessibility only gets better and better since you get a visual indication that makes sure to tell you when the secure connection has been established or when you need to work a little on the tool’s calibration.

The entire device weighs only 3.8 pounds while the manufacturer went to great lengths to offer a design that is in-line and extremely suited for comfortable, one-handed use.

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Known issues


Because this is a package that comes with a great number of complementary parts that aim to offer the complete setup for any do-it-yourselfer, there’s always the low-but-existing risk of them being damaged during transport before they get to your house, so bear this in mind.



Main features explained 


Ease of use

As we said, this is a small and light press tool, weighing in at only 3.8 pounds of balanced, complete design. This revolutionary product allows anybody to operate it in any tight space and makes the job of a professional plumber or gas fitter that much easier and faster. By using this, you can confidently increase even your professional labor warranty for more years.

As any worker worth his/her salt will know, being able to use an item one-handed is a great time savior both at home or on jobs, allowing you to do more jobs, get more customers, and have more satisfied customers, which should roughly translate into an income increase sooner rather than later. 

Regardless of the lightweight design, this is a very powerful device that can confidently get the job done. While it is complex enough to be able to fit into tight spots, the machine is still user-friendly in such a way that you should probably be able to guide a beginner through using it.

What once took hours upon hours of hard work to solder can now be done in mere minutes of pure enjoyment. Also, say goodbye to fighting water or annoying jet sweat tools. While not the most budget-friendly tool out there, the labor savings coupled with the customer satisfaction will more than make up for it.

Since the size jaws that are included are ½”, ¾”, and 1”, this signifies that the product is perfect for any type of residential service, especially since it is a 12V press tool.



This item from Milwaukee is able to deliver good and high-quality press connection on pretty much all major fitting brands, ranging from Viega ProPress Systems to Grinnell G-Press copper systems, or Viega ProPress Systems. 

All of this is in large part due to the way the press tool is fed energy through the M12 Redlithium batteries which are simply amazing, especially for such an easy-to-use item that can be activated with one hand. 

This way, you will be able to cut, fasten, and connect one system and enjoy a quality work process that will make your day go by faster and more productive. The manufacturer foresaw this as an advantage so in addition to the actual press tool, any buyer will also get a kit that features two M12 Redlithium batteries, CP 1.5 battery packs, the three aforementioned jaws, an M12 Lithium-made battery charger, and a slick carrying case.

Even when the batteries run out, one must not worry because the item is completely compatible with all M12 batteries currently on the market, making it very easy to use it as well as replenish the resources necessary for this, which is a great advantage in the long run.

Per standard battery, the press tool can offer you somewhere around 30 to 40 crimps, and since it comes with 2 included ones you know you can get the work started pretty much as soon as you sign and receive the package. 



Not only will you be ready to crimp and go from the moment you buy this product, but you will be able to do so for a very long time due to the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process and the very good reputation of the company.

This press tool will be your working buddy for as long as you will need it to be, delivering up to 5,400 pounds of steady, unbridled force. Furthermore, those pesky service inspections will come around once in a blue moon since the machine is ready to give you 32,000 crimp cycles until needing another one.

The manufacturer has so much trust in this product and in the quality of its works that it offers a 5-year warranty, which is more than most products out there. Therefore, you will not only get a very good product when buying this press tool but you will also be covered in the case of accidents in the foreseeable future. 

You will also receive a second, special warranty that only refers to the jaw and will last for a couple of years since this is the rough amount of time that such items can remain in tip-top shape anyway.

Long-lasting quality has never looked better and real professionals are the ones who are able to differentiate between a good product that will last them for a long time, even though it’s more expensive now, and a cheap bust that will break down after the first couple of uses. 


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