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Makita XRH01Z Review

Last Updated: 10.08.20


Notable features


One of the most important traits of this rotary hammer is its brushless motor that guarantees that this unit will work for a long time without breaking down.

If you are looking for a convenient cordless model, the Makita XRH01Z is an excellent choice, due to its compact size and ergonomic design.

The overall weight of this model is 7.2 pounds, without the battery, so it is safe to say that you can use it for a while without feeling tired.

You can easily choose from the three different modes of operation: rotation, hammer, and hammering with rotation, depending on the type of project you have on your hands.

Users also appreciate the depth guide that allows them to drill holes with maximum precision, without using any extra tools.

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Known issues


Some buyers comment on the fact that this rotary hammer is suitable for small tasks, but, by no means, for heavy-duty drilling, as it doesn’t have enough impact.



Main features explained


The brushless motor is one of the essential characteristics of this rotary hammer, if not the element that can make or break your decision to buy a cordless model. Due to its design, the motor reduces carbon brushes so that it can cool off and run for a longer time on the same battery charge. Capable of developing speeds up to 950 rpm, and up to 4,700 bpm, it is an upgrade from previous models created by this manufacturer.

Versatility is vital for any DIY-er, which is why we need to talk a little about the operating modes available. The model reviewed here can be used on rotation mode, on hammer mode, or to hammer with rotation, hence its inclusion in the category of rotary hammers. Instead of purchasing different tools and spending a bit of money, it is much more convenient to opt for a unit like this one and enjoy all the benefits.



Portability is another essential aspect for a DIY enthusiast. The fact that this model weighs only 7.2 pounds helps, and you won’t feel tired after using it for a little while. However, you must bear in mind that this weight is calculated without the battery which is not included with your purchase. As a cordless model, it is already more portable than others on the market, and you won’t have to depend on having an electrical outlet nearby to be able to use it.


Buy from for ($250.95)