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Makita XPH07Z LXT Review

Last Updated: 25.01.21


Notable features


This Makita provides a surprisingly long battery life, especially if paired with the excellent batteries sold by the manufacturer.

The brushless motor offers both superior working efficiency and a longer lifespan.

A handy LED indicator with three positions will let you know how much battery power is left.

Besides being versatile, this unit can handle all tasks equally as effectively thanks to an electronic adjustment system.

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Known issues


A number of people have found that the reverse function can make the chuck come loose from its screw or break altogether under particularly heavy load. This might be due to manufacturing faults affecting some units, and it seems to only happen in high demand specific situations.  




Main feature explained


This cordless hammer drill driver offers all the performance and versatility you’d expect from such a product. But being a Makita, it also shines in certain respects, with battery life and motor reliability being the most notable ones.  

While the product under scrutiny here doesn’t come with its own power pack, it can be purchased as a kit together with Makita’s 4.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries, considered by most to be the best in the business. You can expect both of these to last you through a full 8 hour work day under moderate to heavy use, especially if paired up with this unit’s brushless motor.

By removing the brushes from an electric motor as much as a 50% increase in operating efficiency can be achieved, which means you’ll get the same power for a lower energy drain. This solution also offers a substantially longer working life, since the decrease in friction will mean that the motor will run more cooly.

As a handy way to monitor how much power is left in the battery, this unit has 3 LED indicators, so you will know when a drop in performance is caused by lower charge levels, and re-supply it accordingly.

With no working load, the motor can achieve a maximum of 2,100 RPM at its top speed setting, and up to 600 RPM in the slow gear. It can deliver as much as 1,090 in.lbs of torque for the most demanding drilling applications and between 0 and 31,500 BPM, depending on the speed of the chuck, if the hammer function is activated.

This gives it quite a deal of versatility to handle most operations under the sun, from fastening screws in furniture to drilling through bricks. Although there is a regular manual control disk for speed with some 20 positions and the reverse, part of the optimization for the given task is done electronically, with a special system adjusting the torque, speed, and energy drain to fit the workload.  


Buy from for ($149)