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Makita HR2641X1 Review

Last Updated: 01.03.21


Notable features


The outstanding 2.1 feet pounds of impact energy developed by the 8-amp motor of this model ensures that no applications will stand a chance.

Versatility is what makes this particular model stand out, as it can be switched from three different operations modes, letting you choose the one most suitable for your task.

It can go through concrete, metal, or wood, with the same precision and efficiency, so you will be able to use it in a wide range of applications.

Users much appreciate the D-grip handle design that provides the casual DIY-er with extra comfort during operation.

A particular type of technology is used to reduce the level of vibrations so that the user doesn’t have to stop working to reduce the discomfort experienced.

Buy from for ($199)


Known issues


You will not receive drill bits with your purchase, and you must bear in mind that you must purchase them separately.

Someone comments on the fact that the grinder accessory is not of the highest quality possible, but that, otherwise, the tool is everything it is supposed to be.



Main features explained


Power is one aspect that you should never compromise when it comes to choosing a tool that you will use for tough applications such as drilling through concrete and masonry. The Makita HR2641X1 comes with an 8-amp motor that can develop 2.9 joules of impact energy. There is nothing more you should need for projects that you can carry at home.

Which mode do you need most? Do you need to use the tool in the ‘chipping only’ mode? What about switching to ‘rotation only’ or ‘hammering with rotation’? This tool does them all, and there is nothing left to desire. If you want to make a sound investment, look no further than this model.



It is a good thing that this manufacturer thinks about the user’s comfort when creating power tools. For instance, the D-grip on the handle with which this tool is equipped provides excellent comfort during use. The rubberized texture feels nice and ensures that the user will not drop the tool by accident. Also, the tool hook comes in handy when you don’t need to use the tool, but you want to secure it in place.

Take advantage of another extra comfort feature provided in the shape of the Anti-Vibration Technology. Using a counterbalance system that consists of a damper spring, the tool is capable of absorbing the vibrations caused by the drill bit, which, in turn, allows the user to continue to use it for a long time without breaks.



Buy from for ($199)