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Makita HR2475 Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


This model is very comfortable to use, at only 6.6 lb in weight.

It has a number of features meant to increase the efficiency as well as the durability of the motor and transmission, so you end up applying more power with less energy consumption/wear.

The long brushes on the motor decrease the mechanical load, hence increasing total run life.

Its ease of handling makes it quite versatile and can be used for certain applications involving wood and steel.

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Known issues


At only 2.5 joules of impact energy, some find it a little bit too underpowered for certain heavy construction jobs. However, items of its class are intended to provide a good mean between power and handling, not heavy-duty performance.




Main features explained


The Makita HR2475 hammer drill is an all around good product, offering the level of performance, reliability, and innovation we came to expect from the Japanese company.

It uses a 7-amp brushed motor which has been designed, along with elements of its transmission to provide a maximum of energy transfer from the input power to the drilling bit. Some of these building solutions include field core interlocking steel laminators, a higher number of copper commutator bars, and dual ball bearing armature.

The level of performance this achieves places it solidly in the mid-range between 2 mode rotary hammer drills and the heavy-duty, 5-6 joule units. The maximum speed with no load is 1,100 RPM, and the piston is capable of delivering up to 4,500 beats per minute and a maximum percussive power of 2.7 joules.  

These figures might not tell the whole story as to how effective the HR2475 will be on a building site since this unit also uses a sequential impact timer, which adjusts the frequency of the hammering cycles so that the bit impacts won’t overlap when drilling. The manufacturer claims this will increase effective working speed by 50%, which is corroborated by Makita HR2475.

At a remarkable 6.6 lb in weight, this unit is light enough not to cause significant fatigue during extensive use, and its two ergonomic handles, a fully rotative nose grip, and a D grip are found to be very comfortable by users.

Furthermore, the SDS-plus bit holder it uses can shift to 40 different angles from the main body, making overhead spaces a lot more accessible. The work under these less-than-ideal conditions won’t impose a great strain on the operator since this unit is reported to produce relatively light vibration.

This also acts at increasing its versatility, with the Makita being easy to use for drilling into wooden or metal surfaces, as well as drilling and chipping concrete.


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