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Makita HM1203C Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


If you are looking for a demolition hammer ideal for horizontal work, this model is right up your alley, as it packs superior performance in a more compact frame, compared to other models on the market.

You will enjoy extra control and accuracy due to the speed control features that this model comes equipped with.

Users are pleased with this demolition hammer because it does not break frequently and also has features that cater to reducing maintenance.

Extra features ensure a long lifespan for this model that does not require a lot of maintenance and ensures that there won’t be too much downtime when using it for hours.

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Known issues


While this demolition hammer is lightweight compared to other models, after hours of use, it will still feel heavy and strain your arms, according to some buyers who have already tried it.



Main features explained


Not all demolition work requires you to apply pressure by holding your demolition hammer in a vertical position. Horizontal demolition work needs a particular type of tool and features, and that is exactly what this model offers. The 25.5J of energy developed by the hammer will go through almost any construction and masonry, and the good news is that all this power is packed in a tool that weighs 20.3 pounds. You will be able to hold the tool and use it with ease and convenience.

There are two critical things anyone who handles demolition jobs needs: control and accuracy. It is an excellent thing that this model comes with so many features that cater precisely to these requirements. The soft start eliminates surprises, and you will be indeed in control of your tool.



You will not lose speed and power when dealing with more complicated areas that must be destroyed as the motor will adjust on the go. Also, you can change the speed so that your tool receives the right amount of power. Because it comes with service lights, as well as indicators to warn you about damage occurred to the cord or switch failure, you can expect this model to last more than a run-of-the-mill demolition hammer.

Also, the automatic brush cut-off takes care of protecting the commutator so that the tool has a longer life. The Makita Motor Advantage is the name given for the particular type of technology used to ensure an efficient transfer of energy, which, in turn, leads to a longer lifespan for the tool.



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