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Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


Known variously as the Master Mechanic and True Value 10-inch Drill press, this model is easily the best drill press from Jiangsu Jinfeida thanks to its powerful 3/5 HP motor.

The worktable can accommodate a variety of applications.

The machined cast iron construction of the drill press offers durability and long life.

The machine comes with variable speed settings.

It ships with the necessary drill press accessories for out-of-the-box functionality.

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Known issues


One of the Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC drill press reviews says getting the batteries into the plastic battery housing can be quite difficult.




Main features explained


  • The Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC is the best 10 inch drill to get for home or DIY use. It is equipped with a capable 3.6-amp, 3/5 HP motor that enables it to perform a variety of home applications. Working better than an ordinary hand drill, this machine has a stroke depth of 13 4/5 inches and a drilling depth of 2 3/10 inches, which help you handle various drilling tasks. The machine is quite easy to put together, taking around 20 minutes or less to assemble. Great for small home projects, the Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC is a great addition to your tool collection.


  • The work table accommodates various sizes of work pieces on its 7 9/10-inch by 7 3/5-inch surface. The work table rotates 45 degrees left and right to accommodate the demands of angled drilling.


  • Made of cast iron components, the Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC offers a solid build for durability. The 14-inch by 9.5-inch base supports all the components securely and steadily. The base, column and worktable are all constructed using machined cast iron, unlike others made of stamped steel. The unit accommodates MT2 arbor, unlike other machines in its class.


  • Equipped with 12 speeds in all, the Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC allows you to tackle a variety of drilling applications. The machine is engineered with a spindle speed range between 290 and 2,800 rpm for versatile use. Speed change is easy and quick, with its two locking handles.


  • The Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC ships with a chuck key plus a ½-inch keyed chuck for out-of-the-box use. The machine is equipped with a laser that helps ensure drilling accuracy. The front switch ensures better and easier operation. The model works better than a hand drill when you have to perform repeated drilling that should come with consistent results. It offers convenient use with its corded electric design, which also ensures sustained power across its entire speed range.





Accommodating even MT2 arbor, the JIANGSU model is a great machine to have in any home or DIY workshop. Offering consistent results for repeated drilling, the machine features a laser to lock on to the drill point. The machined cast iron construction ensures strength and durability. The sturdy base supports all the vital components. The rotating worktable accommodates angled drilling. With its front-mounted switch, the ZJ4116QC is easy to operate. The variable speed change enables you to use the optimal level for any application.


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