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Jet Jwl-1015 Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Notable features


Whether you’re a newbie or a professional who is looking for a new lathe to add to his shop, this affordable and reliable product from Jet would make a great acquisition. Be ready to turn all your projects into reality with the help of this powerful woodworking lathe that features six spindle speeds, ranging from 500 to 3975 RPMs. 

If you enjoy working with wood and spending time on your DIY projects, the new Jet Jwl-1015 helps you build everything you want from scratch. Each speed is designed for specific tasks, so all you have to do is adjust it according to your needs and start shaping those pieces of wood like a modern Gepetto. 

Choosing the right speed for your project depends on the type of wood you are using, as well as the shape you are giving to the final product, and how smooth or edgy you want it to look at the end. Knots, bark enclosures, and other wood irregularities must be treated differently if you want your final product to come off perfectly. Luckily, the Jet Jwl-1015 allows you to choose from six different speeds, allowing you to perfect your lathing techniques and skills. 

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Known issues


One notable flaw of this product is that the speeds cannot be changed while the lathe is operating, making the entire process of switching time-consuming and, overall, annoying. Every time you want to switch to a different speed, you have to shut off the lathe and reset the belt to the desired number of RPM. 




Main features explained 


Cast iron body 

Wood lathes come in various shapes, sizes, and weights, designed for certain types of projects. However, you will need a product made of sturdy and high-quality materials if you want it to last you a lifetime and help you finish everything you have in mind, and this is why a machine with a cast iron body is a good investment. 

On the contrary, if the item feels flimsy or insecure, it will, most probably, cause you problems at a certain point. The Jet Jwl-1015 features a full cast iron construction with a wide lathe bed measuring 5.1 inches, enough to feel good on your hands and provide plenty of space for all your DIY projects. 

The overall construction of this wood lathe ensures high stability, minimum vibrations, and improved working support, which you will feel the first time you turn on the machine. Weighing little over 77 pounds, you can rest assured this lathe is firm and sturdy enough to provide a secure working environment for you and your projects, even if you are a newbie in the wood industry. 

The spindle and tailstock are made of the same high-quality cast iron for maximal rigidity and strength, turning this lathe into a powerful tool for all those who want to work with wood. Whether we’re talking about shelves, wooden toys, clocks, chess boxes, glasses, bowls or other accessories, you can count on the Jet Jwl-1015 lathe to help you create them from scratch. 


Powerful motor

Another important feature to look for in a high-quality lathe is the motor. Most lathe motors range from ⅛ to 3 horsepower with different speed control, usually between 500 and 4000 RPM. The larger the motor, the larger the piece of wood you will be able to turn. 

Don’t forget that the motor needs to keep the workpiece turning at a consistent speed, so powerful lathes will require a faceplate and a drive center to interchange. The process is a little bit more complicated to understand and follow, so we would only recommend it if you have worked with wood lathes before. 

If you’re looking for a “home” device that will help you create small-range items, this model from Jet could prove the winning choice for your projects. The Jwl-1015 is powered by a 370 W induction motor in six-steps variable speed, strong enough for small-range items.

A powerful motor with plenty of different speeds to choose from is the guarantee that all your DIY projects will be perfectly shaped and crafted. Ideal for beginners, the motor of this lathe is specifically designed to last for many years and help you create a wide range of small and medium-sized decorations. 

As we previously mentioned, the maximum speed supported by the motor is 3975 RPM, more than you would get for high-end lathes that cost over $500. This means that this model spins faster than other lathes in the same category, helping you finish your small projects faster and easier. 


Wider bed

If you’re a newbie in the field of DIY projects, you should first read more about the importance of the base or the bed of a lathe. The bed refers to the main horizontal beam across the base of the item. It is often made from cast iron as it needs to be as heavy as possible to prevent vibrations when the wood is spinning on the axle. 

In case you wonder why vibrations are bad, even the slightest one can make turning the part difficult and dangerous at the same time. Most newbies don’t understand the importance of a powerful and reliable bed and often swap steadiness for portability. In other words, you want your lathe to be heavy and as sturdy as possible to help you deliver high-end results and improve your wood-working skills. 

The length of the bed is also important, as it allows you to work on different projects. The wider the bed, the more stability it provides, allowing you to turn anything from table legs to bottle stoppers or pens. 

Some products offer the possibility of an extended bed but you will feel safer if you just purchase a full-size lathe at the beginning instead of switching from various models, depending on your level of expertise and the type of DIY projects you wish to cover. 

Moving back to our Jet Jwl-1015, one reason why we appreciate this wood lathe is that it comes with a wider bed than you will usually find on other items available on the market within the same price range. The wider the bed, the safer and more reliable it is, allowing you to complete a wide set of projects. 


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