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Jet JDP-12 Review

Last Updated: 25.05.20


Notable features


Highly portable design that allows you to perform accurate drilling in almost any location.

The Jet JDP-12 was built to offer impressive drilling accuracy for complex tasks.

It’s operation is quieter than most other drill presses on the market.

The unit uses a powerful motor that has an excellent service record.

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Known issues


Some owners mentioned in their Jet JDP-12 drill press reviews that they had to work a little to get it set up, and other mentioned that they had to purchase some drill press accessories, but after that it worked well.




Main features explained


  • One thing you’ve probably noticed is that many times, you have to work from different locations, whether it’s because your client needs you to come to his house, or because your boss has several shops open. With regular drills, moving them from place to place is nearly impossible, because they are extremely heavy, and often quite large. This model, however, is not like that. In fact, it was designed to be compact, so that you’ll have an easy time taking it along with you wherever you need to.


  • When you’re buying a drill press, we’re willing to bet that you’re hoping that it’s accurate. Indeed, if it weren’t, then you’d be ruining all your projects, and no one really wants that. Well, this model is the best drill press from Jet when it comes to accuracy, as it has many features that are made especially to ensure it. For instance,  it comes with a digital readout, which is great because it shows the spindle speed. As such, you’ll be able to adjust it every time, so that you get the perfect speed. Not only this, but there’s also a LED work light, which helps whoever is working see better. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about working in places that are not very bright, because it won’t affect you at all. Finally, this model also comes with a clear linear scale with depth stop. This is important, because it will give you the most accurate, and consistent drilling depth out there, which is why we recommend this model as the best drill press with digital readout out there.

5.2 Jet JDP-12

  • Something that most people don’t think of as very important, but which is, in fact, is how quiet their drill press is. Here’s the thing: if you purchase a model that’s very loud, then you’ll have to deal with its constant noise every time you have to use it. Since you’re going to be very close to it, there are very big chances that you’ll damage your hearing, and that’s not something anyone wants to experience. Of course, you can purchase protective headphones, but wouldn’t it be better if you could just find a model that’s quiet? Well, this one certainly is, so you don’t have to worry about the noise factor anymore.


  • Many reviewers talked about how happy they were with the power of this model’s motor. Indeed, at 1/3 HP, and allowing you to go from 530 to 3, 100 rpm, this motor has all it takes for pretty much anything that gets thrown at it. You won’t have to take long breaks to wait for the motor to cool down, because it will be able to work as long as you’ve got the energy.


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