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Jet 354166 JDP-15MF Review

Last Updated: 02.12.20

14.1 Jet 354166

Notable features


This is a 15-inch floor model that speaks to the needs of amateurs and professional users altogether.

The work lamp is built in the unit.

The device offers 16 speeds, making it one of the most versatile models out there.

Considering its functions, its price is remarkably affordable.

Jet JDP-15MF drill press reviews speak highly about how easy it is to set up and about the good value it offers.

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Known issues


A single buyer has pointed out the fact that the jaws on the chuck seem to be quite small. However, this detail has not been mentioned by other users, which leads us to believe it’s a subjective matter.




Main features explained


  • 15-inch drill presses are generally acclaimed because they can be easily adapted for a variety of jobs, including home and professional ones. This is by far the best floor drill press particularly if you are looking to upgrade from a basic model or if you’re unsure about the complexity of the activities you’ll utilize it for.


  • The item comes with its own built-in work lamp, which is a great addition for people who work in poorly lit spaces. The lamp works great with a 40 or a 60-watt bulb, as emphasized by some of the buyers. The light can be turned on and off separately, thanks to a switch that’s located on the left side of the unit.

14.2 Jet 354166

  • 16 speeds are more than enough even for professional users, as a male buyer underlined. While this first buyer claimed he has been using it successfully in his carpentry shop, another individual stated that the item performs wonderfully when utilized in metal fabrication.


  • Buyers have the opportunity to purchase it for less than $550, provided they’re lucky enough to come across a sale. Dispatch is quick and the unit arrives safely at the homes of the customers, particularly if you shop from Amazon. Compared to other drill presses, this is a good bargain, as the variety of functions it comes with makes it difficult to find a cheaper model in the same line.


  • Since installation is generally thought of as being a tricky matter, the manufacturers should always offer enough information so that the users are able to set up the unit as fast as possible. Fortunately, this is not a problem with this model, as some buyers claim they’ve managed to assemble it in a matter of 20 minutes. Although it is made in China, customers underline it offers a good value for its price.





If you’re looking for the best drill press from Jet, you might have just found it. The variety of the available information on the model combined with the positive customer reviews should convince you to have a look at this unit. Yet another advantage to choosing this particular brand and model is that you can use it with a large number of drill press accessories.

Since the needs and preferences of buyers greatly differ, it’s a good idea for you to assess them before choosing a model over another one.


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