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JET 354165 JDP-15M Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21

4.1 JET 354165

Notable features


The JET 354165 JDP-15M drill press offers lots of flexibility thanks to its advanced design and ease of operation.

The unit is equipped with  a powerful motor that should allow you to perform any drilling operation you might throw at it.

The controls are very user friendly and you always feel in control of the tool while you are operating it.

All the reviews point out that the unit it very durable and it can withstand lots of abuse.

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Known issues


One reviewer mentioned that he had problems with one of the belts, as it was one size too big. However, he was able to purchase drill press accessories from his local auto parts store, and was able to use the drill to the fullest without any issues.




Main features explained


  • One of the worst things about some drills is that they don’t give you any flexibility, or if they do, it’s very little. This is problematic because in some cases, it might mean that you have to purchase more than one drill to be able to get the job done. Well, this won’t be something you have to go through when it comes to this model. First of all, it comes with a large work table, which gives you the freedom of undertaking nearly any project out there. Not only this, but you can also adjust the height of the table to help you with anything you might have to do. Indeed, it can rotate 45 degrees in either direction. Also, the table has X pattern mounting grooves, and it’s also reversible, so that you can mount a fence on the rear. In addition, this drill press has as many as 16 speeds, going from 200 to 3,630 RPM, allowing you to do a great deal of things. This is why we consider this model to be the best drill press from Jet.

4.2 JET 354165

  • The last thing you want to experience is your drill press dying on you in the middle of a project, because the motor was too weak, and couldn’t take it any longer. In such cases, your only alternative is to take lots and lots of breaks, in order to ensure that the motor has time to cool down. As you might imagine, this isn’t all that pleasant, and can make you lose a lot of time. Well, this model, being the best bench drill press out there, has a very powerful motor with 3/4 HP and 115/230 volts. This enables the drill to give you that amazing performance you’re looking for.


  • Another thing that can waste your time very easily is having a drill press that’s very complicated. Indeed, if the process of getting it started, and making adjustments is not simple, you’re going to waste a lot of time every day either figuring it out, or even carrying it out. This particular model has a push button switch that’s located very conveniently right at the front, so that you can reach it without any problems. This means that you’ll be able to operate the drill very easily. In fact, many owners mentioned in their Jet JDP-15M drill press reviews that they were very happy with how easy it was for them to use this model.


  • Finally, you’ll love to find out that this drill is very durable, having been made with high quality materials. In fact, this was another point that was brought up quite frequently by reviewers, since they were very happy with just how long lasting this device is.


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