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Ironclad KONG SDX2-06-XXL Review

Last Updated: 22.01.22


Notable features


Thanks to the wide range of sizes available for this product, customers have reported that they found it extremely easy to pick the ideal size for their hands.

Ironclad has employed only the use of high-quality materials that are comfortable to the touch but still durable enough to handle even the harshest conditions.

The reinforced cross-stitching reduces the friction that is usually caused by multiple layers of fabric rubbing together, increasing the durability of this unit considerably.

When compared to other products in this category, this model seems to offer one of the most reliable mixes of quality and affordability currently possible on the market, making it a must-buy for users that are on a tight budget.

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Known issues


Customers advise that any future owners of these gloves should be careful when washing them because they can easily fall apart if not treated with great care.



Main features explained


Protection is essential which is why the gloves feature four impact absorbing 3-D thermoplastic rubber ribs that are carefully distributed across the surface of the back of the hand to ensure that impacts will be absorbed and dissipated evenly, leaving your hands uninjured. The KONG logo on the back of the palm plays an aesthetic role, but it is built from the same absorbing rubber.

Foam rubber padding is cleverly placed between the fabric layers to provide users with increased protection and flexibility. This is further improved by the unique thermoplastic rib job design which provides both flexibility and comfort. Flexibility and freedom of movement is something that should never lack from a pair of demolition gloves, and we were glad to see Ironclad deliver in this department.

Since most workers will have their hands assaulted continuously by heavy machinery, tools, and harsh weather conditions which are all combined with oil and mud, a good grip is essential. Thanks to the impregnated PVC dots adhered to the palm of the glove, this model provides users with an enhanced overall grip even when handling slippery objects.



The Ironclad KONG SDX2-06-XXL is built in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Industry’s Safety Committee, and this is something that we found extremely important since it guarantees that you will get to enjoy only the highest performance and safety from this nifty pair of demolition gloves. They can also handle harsh weather conditions and will keep your hands warm.


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